“Chinese Sleep Chant” (Coldplay Cover)

By Jeff Copperthite:

Assistant Editor’s note (that’s Jeff): I am in the process of re-embedding some Laptop Sessions videos that I still have.  This post was originally from 2009, but for history’s sake I have not edited the post.

And continuing from last week’s post is the song that is followed by the one I covered last week.

Now, I know that i’ve covered a bunch of Coldplay songs, and quite a few from Viva La Vida, but there’s a good reason.  Everybody loves this band.  They write catchy songs, and enjoy performing and love their fans.  How can I not want to cover this band?

This song is more of an instrumental than a lyrical song, but the lyrics are present and sung.  I initially wanted to perform this with my electric guitar hooked up to my bass amp.  However, I hit a few snags.  1) My electric strings are kind of old.  2) The bridge of the guitar sticks out of the base of the guitar a bit, making the strings a bit further from the fretboard, and therefore more difficult to play.  3) The amp is meant for bass, and I could not find a good combination of settings that made my guitar sound like a guitar.

However, practicing the song on the electric proved helpful, as it made it a lot easier to play on the acoustic.  Funny how that works sometimes.

This video came out great.  I’m very proud of this cover.

I have reached my first milestone post 100K views and hit 110K views.  I’m nearing 500 views per day on my videos, and I can’t wait to tell you when I am averaging 1K views per day.  It could happen before the year is out!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

2 thoughts on ““Chinese Sleep Chant” (Coldplay Cover)

  1. YES! I’m so happy that you decided to put your cover song music videos back online here for the music blog!

    I am going to read, watch, and comment on every single video you repost- I can’t wait to relive all of the great content you submitted for the site. I also hope you can find some time to post a new video now and then!

    Great job on this video- the singing and guitar playing are spot-on. It must’ve been difficult considering I don’t think there’s a standard chord in this whole song!

    Welcome back, Jeff!


  2. This was a fun one to cover because the beat and progression are so catchy. The tuning is also an alternate one, and as you can tell, so are the fingerings. Sadly, if I ever want to play this song again I have to study this video to remind myself how to play it!

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