“Counting Blue Cars” (Dishwalla Cover)

By Jeff Copperthite:

Good evening and welcome to your Sunday Sunday Sunday edition of the Laptop Sessions (the preceding quote stolen from Jim Fusco – i’m sure he’s ecstatic I took it away from him). Today I continue a little binge of mine and bring you another song from my teenage years, and I go back to a band and album I have covered before.

However, this time it’s probably a song you’ve heard.

While this song is considered by many to be a “One hit wonder”, I think the album itself is one of my personal favorites, and is quite strong. Now, that could be a bit biased because of nostalgia, but it’s how I feel at least. The band is Dishwalla, and today I bring you their song “Counting Blue Cars” from their album “Pet Your Friends”. I have always enjoyed this song and it is always the song I refer to when i’m trying to explain to someone who Dishwalla is. “Hey, remember that song with the line ‘tell me all your thoughts on God’?”. Invariably, they’d remember.

On this performance I did alter the way I sing a little bit. Please let me know if you like this a little better. I’m experimenting with some singing styles other than my own “standard” voice. This song is a good one to try since I can emulate the lead singers voice quite well. Also, the chorus is the tough area in this song. I played around with singing the first line an octave down, but it sounds way out of place for me. Therefore, this is certainly a WYSIWYG video. I think the only shaky time for me was the very first chorus – the other four times I had to sing the line in question I think I did just fine.

Thank you for checking us out this evening, and come back tomorrow for another jubilant Jim Fusco acoustic cover song. Laptop-Session-a-day continues to roll along and we’re glad you’re aboard for the ride. Only from the best acoustic cover video blog on the internet!

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, Jeff’s acoustic cover song music videos are no longer on YouTube, but we decided to keep his cover song blog posts up.  We figured these music blog entries would be good for posterity’s sake and because Jeff always gave such insightful posts each Session.  We hope to see Jeff’s impressive catalog of acoustic rock songs here on the Laptop Sessions cover songs and origianal music blog again in the future.  But, for now, please make sure to check-out hundreds of other acoustic cover songs from all of your favorite bands here on the Laptop Sessions music blog!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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