Free Acoustic Guitar Music and Songwriting Tips

By Chris Moore:

When you download YouTube videos of cover songs by indie music artists, there is at least a seventy percent chance that it will range between mediocre and terrible. When it comes to original music, the chances of you stumbling across a solid piece of acoustic guitar music are even more abysmal. After all, you must be thinking to yourself, there simply must be a reason why these free music videos are, well, free.

Since the fall of 2007, there is a new music video site that has adopted the slogan “Finally giving a GOOD name to YouTube cover videos!” That site is the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover song music blog, conveniently located at And, thus far, the songwriters who run this video website have been true to their word. Not only have they promised to maintain this quality music video blog, but they have vowed to record at least one session a day for the entire year of 2008. From New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve, there will be a brand-new video blog entry posted each by midnight each and every day. Being a leap year, this will add up to a grand total of 366 music videos by the end of the year!

You might be wondering, why covers? After all, each of the three contributors to this videoblog is a songwriter in his own right. If they know how to write a song, then why don’t they record acoustic rock versions of their own original music? The answer is simple – most viewers simply aren’t interested in experimenting blindly with new music artists. In the alternative music genre alone, there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of new acts fighting for their new rock music to be seen and heard. Acoustic covers, such as those posted each day at the Laptop Sessions music blog, have the ability to draw the interest of music fans everywhere. If a viewer enjoys a songwriter’s acoustic cover of, say, Bruce Springsteen songs or Beatles songs, then that viewer might be more interested in the original music also done by the performer.

So, as you can see, there is a lot on the line here – each music video is an opportunity for the three contributors to the Laptop Sessions to earn new fans and potentially attract new viewers to the music blog. As if a session a day were not enough, there are many other types of free videos available at the site. Are you a burgeoning songwriter yourself? Well, there are free video clips with songwriting tips and guidelines for how to maximize your own home recording studio. Do you have many songs in your repetoire, but are not sure how to go about recording music to post on YouTube or your own video blog? Well, there are also videos and articles that explain how you can record your own music. There are free acoustic guitar tabs available for an increasing number of the rock videos posted on the site, not to mention that there is a free music video download option for each of the Laptop Sessions (unplugged mp3’s may not be available yet, depending on how old the song is). Anyone who plays covers knows how faulty acoustic tabs sites can be, but these are accurate – simply view the free music video clips if you have any doubts. Topics that have been covered in other videos include an explanation of acoustic guitar tuning, how to post a blog video, and samples of instrumental acoustic guitar music. Finally, since the contributors love to listen to new music, there are new music reviews every week!

With so many video blogs and sources of web video available on the Internet today, you might wonder what is so special about the Laptop Sessions music blog. The answer is simple – where else can you find video websites with music video clips of free acoustic guitar music, free acoustic guitar tabs, acoustic mp3’s, original music that demonstrates compelling songwriting, and a list of music single new releases all in one convenient location? Yes, there may be many other videoblogs on the Web, but for acoustic music, specifically alternative rock music, the final destination is clearer each day, with each new music blog entry – the Laptop Sessions.

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