“Goodbye, So Long” (Original Wednesday Acoustic Song by Indie Music Songwriter Chris Moore)

By Chris Moore:

Tonight was, hands down, the absolute most fun I’ve had writing a song and/or recording a Laptop Session!

And I’ve got lots of songs and videos for this one to stand up against…

It all began when I left school late tonight, and headed home to gather my guitar and Macbook, as well as Jim’s Macbook.  Then, I met Jim and our friend Dana Camp at Dana’s office for pizza and songwriting.  They were gracious enough to help me write a song that I had started — a song that I needed to record and post for tonight’s video.  Actually, interestingly enough, I had planned on finishing a piece I have called “There’s One Thing.”  It’s an upbeat song, and as I explained to Mike when he came by tonight, I haven’t written all that many love songs.  I felt I could definitely use the help to put it over the top!

Then, Jim brought up another fragment that I had recorded as a thirty-second demo for him.  All he or I knew was the verse I had written (i.e. “You said goodbye so long ago; I should’ve said something before I just let you go…”).  We decided to work on that instead, and after much fiddling on the keyboard, Jim worked out a progression for the bridge that we could both agree on.  When we started to write words for the bridge, we realized that we were both singing the tune to yet another fragment I had included on a demo tape.  As we continued to work, that third fragment, transcribed into a different key, became the chorus of the song (i.e. “I wouldn’t want you to think I forgot about you, girl…”).

Still, there was something missing in terms of the chords.  Jim asked Mike to step in and the team of Fusc and Fusc worked some magic in polishing up the tune and progression — for instance, I have Mike to thank for the flourishes at the ends of the verses.

Finally, I needed to work out a complete set of lyrics.  So, Dana pulled up a chair (and an overturned computer monitor as an ottoman) and began writing in his creative writing binder.  Thus, I have him to thank for putting words to the bridge (i.e. “Remember those summer days that we wished would never end…”).

A true collaboration.

Truly, I have Jim to thank for arranging and bringing the concept for the song together.  You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the awesome outro of harmonies has his trademark on it.  Among other aspects he contributed, I love the riffs he plays on the piano throughout.

So, after a while of writing and feeding spiders to the Dana’s fish (and, by spiders, I mean mutant arachnids — just so we’re clear here!), we recorded the session.  It took a few takes for me to get the words down, but then we did a full take and I’m very happy with the way it came out.  Remember that it’s a first recording, made only minutes after the final touches were applied.  By the time it makes it to the album, there will most likely be some more substance to it and the rough edges will be smoothed out to perfection.  On the heels of tonight’s collaboration, I’m even more excited about my first album — I plan to bill it as a debut album — with a bona fide producer!

Other notable moments tonight were Jim’s live performance of “Winning You Over” (such a great song; I don’t understand how it can be written off as a pro-Obama song) and Mike’s live take of “I Don’t Love You Anymore.”  Now, Mike’s song I wish I had recorded.  After all, as his lengthy list of songs-to-record proves, he writes so prolifically that there’s no telling when an incredible new song will be pushed aside for yet a newer one.  I’m just glad we got to hear it tonight.  Hopefully, he’ll record another session soon!…

And, with that, I’m off to bed.  I hope you enjoy this third offering toward my upcoming new album.  As always, I’ll keep you posted on all developments.  And thanks so much to the boys for a truly fabulous night of pepperoni pizza and good ol’ American rock songwriting.  Now, don’t forget to come around tomorrow and Friday for two more great sessions by Jeff and Jim.

See you next session!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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