“In My Life” (The Beatles Cover)

By Mike Fusco:

Hey there!  First self-written blog on the laptopsessions site, and I’m excited to be learning all the ins-and-outs of the process.  (Not really EXCITED, cuz it’s lots of work, but the end result is exciting!)  So I was in kind of a bind because 3 days comes and goes so fast, and suddenly I was left to do another cover.  And anyone who knows me knows I used to HATE doing cover songs, so I have zero in my prelearned catalogue.  However, I figured out this Beatles cover song, my second favorite Beatles tune of all time (The first being “Something”, which I will do in a future session on the Uke in tribute to George Harrison!)  I’ve always loved “In My Life”, Ringo’s drums are great… they sound like feet shuffling during a slow dance, and I think anyone who gives this song a good listen will have a slide-show of their whole life playing in their head.

As I sing it to myself pictures of faces I dont speak to anymore still pop up, (“some are dead and some are living”- it’s true!), and loves that have come and gone.  I dont know exactly what this song means to me, I guess just because there’s no current love to sing it to makes me believe it’s sung to my soul… and whoever out there shares it with me, and the Big Man upstairs who is responsible for it all.  (No, not my father upstairs! haha!)  Not bad for a 4 am recording on a binge of candy and diet Dr. Thunder.  Enjoy!


This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

2 thoughts on ““In My Life” (The Beatles Cover)

  1. mike.
    it was beautiful. thanks so much. made my day after a terrible thurs.

    love jen

  2. thank you for healing my heart. thanks to the beatles and you equally. thank you for continuing to spread their beautiful music and the heart, the soul, the good healing loving pure energy/light/love in them – you and your friends do it so well – you play from the best parts of yourselves, you’re very pure and i don’t think it is coincidence that y’alls blogs, music, music videos of the beatles covers and of the beautiful words you say that are your own, your own beautiful messages like the one of sharing all of this with the world…well….i was dying of cancer…but a miracle happened…and now my body is actually healing itself. the doctors are amazed. im becoming healthier than i was even 4 years ago when i began the battle for my life facing the disease. a lot of good energy and consciousness has come my way and i’ve allowed that purity, that pure good, that light, that love in, and you and your friends have helped me heal. im 14 years old. i get to grow up. i get to live. there is no chance of it recurring, no chance of it coming back, its in remission – it is going away and with such rapidity, so quickly, everyone but me and a few little angels i communicate with are astonished (pleasantly surprised but they can hardly believe it – it is an unprecedented rate and amount of healing, apparently). thanks for helping the entire world community we all share. we all share this beautiful creation, all of creation, this community – this FAMILY, together, whether we be trees or cats or cows or snakes or galaxies or dust or stars we are all of the same matter, the same basic stuff, and have love and good and the HIGHEST good that is only good within us. we exist to help one another and to find ways to help the world that you just love to do – because you are part of the world too, and if you are miserable doing something, then there is suffering, and the goal is to replace suffering with true permanent inner peace and interdependent peace (we are all interdependent) and interdependent and inner and outter peace and harmony to live harmoniously with ourselves and all of creation, to be kind to others, and all we have to do is look within our hearts and ignore what the negative forces in the world (for instance you thinking “oh im just an awful person, and i have nothing to offer, oh i didn’t write that beatles song so who woould want to see it, im not performing surgery to save a life why do music…MUSIC SAVES LIVES. MUSIC HEALS. IT IS THE MAIN WAY THAT ALL THE HEALING ENERGY – science says all is energy – IS ABLE TO ENTER MANY BEINGS, such as myself. so….your music helped cure me of cancer. i am more grateful for you and yours and everyone involved all connected, for this, for it, for life than i can express with words. but i shall learn to play music myself soon! i love it so and it makes me feel good….i’ve already started a bit on violin and guitar, and i’ve sung since the day i was born according to my mother who birthed me.

    near death shows truth. i’ve lived other lives before. i want to send a message of peace and to let there be an absence of worry, misery, fear, suffering in any form – everyone may know there are tragedies and atrocities, hardships and horrors, emotional personal pain and starvation in other nations and that there shouldn’t be because this world is so beautiful and when the populations of all the forms of life on it (bugs even, all animals INCLUDING HUMANS – humans have the responsibility to save earth our best home, our only home, the home that CAN be perfect when we decide we want it to be)…..we must respect all creatures every rock tree piece of dirt and stop destroying ourselves by consuming so much by taking so much by using and abusing so much – we know inside it damages ourselves, and even if we hate ourselves we can learn to love ourselves, and when we love ourselves, that is when we can truly be catalysts for a new wonderful world, a fun world where you can play your music all day and things like war, violence, negative emotions, ancient forests and all the little innocent creatures and peoples being destroyed so that the west can turn those teachers those trees and those ancient tribes into tools into toilet paper tissue paper stuff for us to blow our noses on and wipe our butts on and say “well you people aren’t like the rest of us so join our society or you’ll just…well we killed your home so you have no choice…” and then give false apologies….people will stop buying so much and start sharing more like your doing, stop feeling guilty about the things they have done that have caused any harm because GUILT AND SHAME CAUSED MY CANCER AND HURT OTHER VERY INNOCENT BEINGS LIKE CATS LITTLE BABIES LITTLE BROTHERS SISTERS KIDS PARENTS FRIENDS PEOPLE THE ENVIRONMENT YOUR LITTLE WORLD/COMMUNITY WITHIN THIS BIG WORLD THAT IS A COMMUNITY WE JUST MUST TRULY SEE IT AND PARTICIPATE IN BEING FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE AND SEEING NO NATIONS NO RELIGIONS NO GENDER NO PROBLEMS NO NEED FOR GREED OR HUNGER PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE BUT REALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT SONG EVER WRITTEN WAS BY A BEATLE, JOHN LENNON – MEMORIZE AND SHARE “IMAGINE” – THAT SONG HELPS AWAKEN AND HEAL EvERY SINGLE PERSON I HOPE YOU LEARN IT AND IT IS SO AMAZING EVEN WHEN ONE DOES NOT REALIZE SHE IS BEING HELPED BY MUSIC AND POSITIVE MESSAGES POSITIVE ENERGY THE MUSIC MAKERS FOR EXAMPLE PUT INTO IT SHE IS STILL BEING HELPED I DID NOT NOTICE THE GOOD MUSIC FRIENDS AND STRANGERS LIKE YOU AND Y’ALL AND YOURS I CONSIDER MY FRIENDS AS AFTER I NEARLY DIED I REALIZED WE REALLY CAN BE AND DEEP DOWN TRULY ARE A BROTHERHOOD OF MAN – THAT IS A LYRIC FROM IMAGINE JOHN MEANT WE ARE ALL BROTHERS SISTERS FRIENDS SHARING THIS PERFECT PLANET THAT GIVES US EVERYTHING WE NEED AND MORE WE JUST MUST REACH OUT TO EACH OTHER FOR HELP AND BE WILLING TO HELP WHEN ONE CAN. I plan to become a doctor and work very hard to eradicate all diseases from the planet = well thats the thing we are in this thing whatever you want to call it life perhaps yes life together this is our home we share this is our people we are one people animals and plants and mountains and oceans are all part of it too from the tiniest most disgusting seeming bacteria and insects to the most significant seeming….whatever or whomever it is………we are all connected, and our human community especially – we have the ability and responnsibility to heal this world and stay optimistic, grateful ALWAYS GRATEFUL all the time think of all the good we have and be grateful for it, and DO OUR PART. and it starts in the heart. and it seems your part is to help the world with music. SO THANK YOU. im a miracle you helped make. let’s all of us, all on planet earth, join together and make miracles – they can be as small-seeming as making music videos and blogs to as big as what i want to do, to become a botanist/ethnobotanist/doctor with much knowledge of the world’s languages and cultures and ecosystems so i harm none and do only good – so i can work with other people and other forms of life and the earth our mother herself who lets us do everything we do who gives us everything who is our life and breath…..to see what it is we need to do to completely end hunger/starvation, poverty, the elimination of even 1 more species of plant/animal/human being (through a gunshot or like…an ancient tradition or tribe killed off by greedy modernity the idea its somehow progress to make everyone the same and somehow ok to completely displace them from their home that goes back to generations and generations often like 10,000 years and kill all their plants and animals and destroy their soil and land and pollute their water so they have to somehow try to live in offices but most end up dying of heartbreak, suicide, drug abuse, imagine though imagine what john lennon said it is SO EASY all it takes is people wanting this and for the people who want it to focus on it and for the wonderful AMAZING yoko ono whom i’ve personally worked with on promoting peace (and it actually has worked – she is a very special woman, john and yoko were blessed to have found what she said is the most important thing to help humanity: total true love and peace between each other and therefore for themeselves, they were each others soulmates and got inspired, yoko as much as john and john spoke much more of her ideas being hers rather than his when they were and im sure when he talks to her still does than the media would like to believe i guess because she is a woman, we must stop this sexism and racism…and how do we do it? we IMAGINE. einstein: imagination is more important than knowledge. how else? ART. art thats healthy and is a passion for you and a way for you to express yourself in the way you want and/or need to – music is a perfect example. and then? well your imagination and creativity is active, activated, active, and good ideas come, and turn into good actualities/realities – DREAMS come – you may say im a dreamer but im not the only one i hope someday you’ll join us (in being a dreamer john meant and in you know being a good person, what he spoke of in the song imagine was nothing hard to do just as he said it isn’t hard to do you just change a few little things do your own little part)….AND THE WORLD WILL BE AND LIVE AS ONE! oh but life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, john said that too…so we needn’t get caught up on specifics, we just must see that the bad exists – educate ourselves – and then DO POSITIVE THINGS BE POSITIVE PEOPLE and yes we will have our normal human spectrum of emotions Gandhi got angry and used his anger to make him work harder toward the good things he made happen, i strongly urge you read the story of his life and learn all about him, and also the same of john lennon – john was deeply hurt many times in his life just like any human being, he actually had a pretty hard life in some peoples eyes as he was a very sensitive soul (and he is proof that it is good and a real honor, a true asset, a strength rather than weakness for men to be sensitive – were it not for his sensitivity, he would never have been able to imagine dream do create make what he did which was, as you know, soooooooooooo much good that will last forever – he has songs about being jealous or sad, he got very depressed and jealous but used those feelings for good he turned them into songs that touch people who have felt the same them and so john would heal and think how many people have been helped by his songs….he had his peace actions with yoko that wasn’t music and their life of sexual liberation and love and messages of peace between cultures it doesn’t matter if you are english or japanese let’s all get along and sing some songs – hes got every kind of song except the kind that transmits bad energy, even if he is nervous or felt when he wrote the song some bad feelings, was going through bad things in his life – yoko spoke of how he would change overnight sometimes once he released the things men in this society and women too especially men but really everyone are taught to keep to themselves – its not so different in japan or america or england – its changing for the good as it is becoming so much more acceptable for people to talk about anything and everything, emotions too – ——–music was the “weapon” – the harmless “bomb” – and in so many schools where things like meditation, yoga, martial arts, art, and music is not only taught but taught in a way so that the kids really get to take creative freedom they are respected and given the freedom to do what they want well they just do amazing things they turn gangs in south africa or los angeles from kids who kill to kids who create new forms of dance new songs rap too as much as a negative image it gets at least these kids turn the bad they have either directly experienced or otherwise been deeply effected by due to living in the communities of poverty and problems – not their fault – that they do – the see it so they make art of it hey graphiti graffitti is great in my town youth teach themselves how to focus so they learn to draw very well then they learn how to use colors well then they think hey i don’t want to fight and everyone stops fighting forever and instead they go and turn an ugly piece pf blank concrete abandoned building into a beautiful work of art. and make raps that are impressive gosh its amazing what people can do actions are powerful what comes out of ones mouth is powerful denying the bad is a big no-no however focusing on making it good and if you can’t make it good than on other good things and doing those good things is where its at! thats how i came to be cured of cancer. i let go of all the trauama stress pain of my past i genuinely forgave everyone and genuinely care about every molecule that is our…universe – more commonly, easily put i love every person. what’s a stranger? just a friend you haven’t gotten to know too well yet. 🙂 that’s all! and who am i? am i really so terrible for being a human and making mistakes and doing wrong things accidently and in the past on purpose a lot? NO THAT IS BEING HUMAN, and its ok. i almost died five times and these benevolent beings of light and experiences i had changed me….i have always been very loving and forgiving but this is the difference of night and day (though night and day aren’ts so different, see i learned to find what is common in everything and everyone – appreciate the differences – and to not judge or disagree. i don’t disagree with anything on a level – this may sound confusing – what i mean is i am totally open minded – because if i insist that everything i told you in this email is right that implies, that means, that im telling you that i am better than you a know-it-all and some kind of super-human – kind of – what it does is it makes a BAD effect, it could manifest in many ways, for you, for whatever/whomever – and always for me too whatever you do comes back to you not exactly the same but in some way some lifetime john lennon said instant karma is gonna get you (he implied not to be afraid though….i learned through this battle for my life, being a child with leukemia…..that fear feeds everything bad and love fun good joy seeing the light there is always a bright side there are always about a million ways you can think oh the things you can think so when i think good things i do them in my mind or actually do them if my body lets me, im still healing – if you were to tell me everything i am telling you is bullshit and wrong i would be ok with it, i love all people, thats what i meant oh its so hard to be coherent with cancer though within 1 year i am going to be healthier than i have EVER been, HAPPIER, more OPEN HEARTED, FREER, and i am scared of nothing. when you almost die so much nothing scares you anymore – i am free of fear so watch for me im gonna be doing good things. i quote bob marley on this though that only you know whats right for you so i am not telling you what to do. i just felt like talking to you and THANKING YOU THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO THANK YOU FOR EXISTING THANK YOU AND YOU HELPED SAVE THE LIFE OF…WELL…ME…MARY JULIANNA LOHR – TOMORROW I AM 14 AND THE DOCTORS DID NOT THINK I WOULD LIVE TO EAT MY 14th BIRTHDAY CAKE. im like…grown up in so many ways because of my life yet i am so happy for each second of it all of it and am still free to be a kid be me…back to bob marley on being yourself and freeing yourself from what others try to impose on you: “EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY – NONE BUT YOURSELF CAN FREE YOUR MIND AND THUS YOU. FREE YOUR MIND AND THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER YOU, YOU ARE FREE” …still bob marley and myself and i can tell you pray and worked/are working toward the day when we will all be able to trust each other and no type of slavery like the slavery one gets when she goes through chemo and malnutrition because her body can’t eat and is destroying itself my mind was free my body hurt so much at one point i asked the light the angel-like beings i mentioned if it would be a good idea for me to just ask my parents to take me to a country where they can give me euthanasia like they do for dogs who are in no pain compared to what i suffered – but the angels smiled and pointed to my heart indicating that i knew the answer deep within. i knew always i wanted to live and MUSIC and much more from external forces, people, things – from the outside – and about a billion times more from within me – shone with just what i needed the will the power the determination the inner peace the compassion the love of myself and thus every person even the evil ones (i hate their actions, not them)….i grew wings in a way and really was free and NOW MY BODY HARDLY HURTS ANYMORE AND SOON WILL NOT I REPEAT MY BODY WILL NOT HURT ANYMORE AND MY HAIR IS GROWING BACK AND SOMEHOW MIRACULOUSLY MY BONE DENSITY IS RETURNING AND MY BRAIN IS NOT DAMAGED. its a miracle. believe in good things! thanks for helping, miracle maker…KEEP BEING A MIRACLE MAKER. and don’t do it for the ego. do it for a deep love of….(fill in the blank.i started with my dog. then i moved to signing. then i moved to all my friends and family.now….i love the whole entire universe which is amazing, i can hug a murderer. i understand. when we hate when we make people suffer…..its like giving them cancer and cancer is always wrong its cruel and unusual punishment and it is what is stopping this world from being the paradise it often is you know when you have those perfect days when you see just how PERFECT everything in your life is going and how beautiful everything and everyone is? heaven is here on earth. its in our hands. heaven, earth, and hell are in our hands and the good news is nobody every has to stay in hell forever we get reincarnated for one thing and for another thing dont you see suffering is always wrong. i converted to Buddhism because its the kindest religion. but hey everyone is free to be and believe what they want………..







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