Laptop Sessions Rocks George’s II Open Mic Night with New Music and Classic Covers

By Jeff Copperthite:

Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to update all of you how our performance went last night!

We really played well, and had a high percentage of the crowd watching us, bobbing their heads, and clapping after each song. We got to play 7 original songs in a half hour. Favorites such as “That Was The Day” and “Where Are We Now”, as well as new songs from MoU’s new album “Homestead’s Revenge” such as “Evil Disappointment”, “These Streets”, and “Please Stay” were also showcased. I really think we’ll see a lot of the same people in the near future…

…when we play there again on May 16! That’s right! The Laptop Sessions Live will be playing Friday, May 16 at George’s II Restaurant from 9:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m. We’ll also have the freedom of playing whatever we want, so expect to hear songs from the entire FMP library – including “Greenlight”, “Homestead’s Revenge”, and perhaps a track or two from Jim Fusco’s upcoming album “Halfway There”. Mike Fusco will also be with us as a drummer, so it’ll be a full band ensemble.

Lots of people came up to us to congratulate us on our performance, and gave us a lot of confidence.

Heck, we rocked so much….that my amplifier couldn’t take it!

Hartke B60 amplifier

That’s right. The power supply on my 11 year old Hartke B60 (pictured) fried! Thankfully during the last song, but man. These things are not cheap, and hopefully our friend Dana can repair it in time. If not, I do plan on purchasing another Hartke amplifier. I love the thing so much because of a feature called a Shape controller, which basically allows me to use a dial to select a treble, “picky” bass, or a deep bass sound (I prefer the latter). Thankfully we’ve been making good money on shows, and I have a lot of side jobs that I can afford to purchase a new one, but I hadn’t planned on purchasing one.

We closed with “Where Are We Now”, and after the drum solo, I noticed my bass wasn’t sounding anymore. I then smelled an electrical burnout, so I quickly unplugged my amp and turned it off – while Chris, Jim, and Mike kept playing! I then had to stand there staring at my amp for 30 seconds while they finished the song. The director of the Open Mic night announced to the crowd “How about a hand for Jeff Copperthite, whose bass amplifier has just burned out”, and I received a round of applause for that.

We’ll hope it is fixed for May 16!

Thanks for reading this wall of text post, and I hope you are enjoying The Laptop Sessions, and have an opportunity to come see us on May 16!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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  1. You’re officially more of a “rock star” than any of us — you rocked so hard that your amp was LITERALLY on fire!! Wow. Thanks for posting this; it was fun to recap.

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