“Sometimes A River” (String Cheese Incident acoustic rock cover version)

By Jim Fusco:

Boy these weeks go fast.  So, here we are again with another Laptop Sessions acoustic cover song done in a solo acoustic format with me, Jim Fusco!  I’m back with a great song for you, but first, I just want to give a couple of updates.  First, I want to say that this blog will no longer feature any personal life details about me- I’ve realized this needs to be about the music…and that I don’t really want everyone out there knowing my life story and what I’m up to each week.  So, we’re going to stay more on topic from now on.  I’m not a big fan of re-writing history, but I’m seriously considering going through all the old posts and removing those sections of my posts.  Remember- we’re here for the MUSIC!

My other bit of business is this: I’m in full-scale ambition mode, so I’ve been working on promoting my original music again.  After all, I started doing these cover song music videos in hopes that people with similar tastes would like my videos and want to hear my original songs.  It’s worked on a handful of occasions, but not nearly as well as I envisioned.  So, I’m trying some new avenues to connect with potential fans…by giving my music away for FREE!!  Yes, that’s right- just follow my music account on Twitter (@jimfuscomusic) and I’ll send you a link to download a FREE 5-song EP of my original music!  That way, once you download (and love) the songs, I can keep in contact with you to tell you about…

MY NEW ALBUM!!  Yes, it’s been a while, but I’m back with an amazing set of songs that I’m so excited about, I simply cannot wait to record them any longer.  The album will be masterfully done- I assure you of that.  No shortcuts will be taken.  So, it may take me a while to finish it.  But, those that know me know that when I start something…it gets finished!  So, I’ve decided to do status updates on my Twitter account so you can keep track of the progress.  I’ll be posting videos, photos, and even sneak-peak audio clips along the way.  So, stay tuned- it starts NOW!

Onto tonight’s video:

I know what you’re thinking, “The String Cheese Incident?”  I’ll admit, it’s one of the stranger band titles I’ve covered a song from here on the music blog.  This is another artist (along with Brett Dennen) that my boss/friend Bill turned me on to.  “String Cheese Incident” is categorized as a “jam band”, but honestly, I don’t get that vibe from their recorded material.  They’re just really solid songs from a very talented group of people- incredible musicians, in fact.  They don’t necessarily have the greatest vocals, but they do have a trait I really love in bands: multiple songwriters!

“Sometimes A River” is off of their latest studio album, “One Step Closer”, from 2005.  It’s sung by the “leader” of the group, Michael Kang.  That man plays a MEAN mandolin, by the way.  Bill says that he likes the live version of this song better.  I’ve heard it and he has a good point.  But, those that have read the Laptop Sessions music blog posts for a while know I love a polished studio version- the sounds and the vocals are just right, you know?

Please give this song a chance- it’s an opportunity to hear a song you’ve never heard before and to open your mind to a new artist.  The String Cheese Incident has been around for close to 20 years- that kind of staying power in a band is rare, so they have to have that “something”.  I really, really like this song- especially that minor chord change in the last chorus- listen for it.

Thanks for watching and, remember- I’m in the Countdown to a Million YouTube views!  I’m trying to reach my goal as soon as possible and I hope you’ll help me out on that mission.  Visit http://youtube.com/jimfusco and watch as many cover songs and original music videos as you can!  See you in two weeks with another acoustic cover song music video!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

3 thoughts on ““Sometimes A River” (String Cheese Incident acoustic rock cover version)

  1. I had no idea this band was around for over 20 years, or that they were kind of “folk” sounding- at least according to this song and your comment about the mandolin. Thanks for sharing!

  2. what are the chords for this one? It looks like capo 1- D, Am, E???

    Would you mind posting?


  3. It’s actually D – A – E (I just play the A oddly, I guess) on the first fret capo. The chorus is Bm – D – A – E. Hope that helps! Thanks for writing.

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