Songwriters Expand their Talents: Two brand-new WCJM Free Internet Radio shows added!

By Jim Fusco:

Well, it only took four months, but today I finally put two new WCJM Internet Radio shows online! These shows are free to listen to and do not have any advertisements or accounts to create. All you need is the RealPlayer (any version works fine) and you’ll be hysterically laughing in no time!

Click HERE to listen to the Originals Show for FREE online! Free Internet Radio

The first show is called “The Originals Show”, hosted by the original four cast members of WCJM’s flagship show, Moore Hits in the Morning. The cast consisted of Chris Moore, Jim Fusco, Mike Fusco, and Alberto Distefano. The show was done just days after Christmas 2007 and featured songs by bands when they still had all of their original members! There were great skits, including the WCJM Merchandise Store skit, Celebrity Jeopardy from Beyond the Grave, Traffic, News, Weather, and Sports, plus much more. It’s a great show- to access it, just click on the Moore Hits in the Morning Radio in the center of the screen and scroll all the way to the end to find this, our latest morning show.

Click HERE to listen to the Leap Year Show 2008 for FREE online! Free Internet Radio

The second show is a solo effort from Jim Fusco on his “Jammin’ with Jim” radio show. In 2000, Jim did the “Leap Year Show” and vowed to do another every four years. Unfortunately, he forgot in 2004, but is back again in 2008 to do an extra-special Leap Year Show! This show has many of Jim’s famous twin-spins with songs from Stone Temple Pilots, the Wallflowers, the Beach Boys, the Moody Blues, Ben Folds, and many more! Jim also does a sit-down comedy routine, Stupid People of America, the Police Blotter, traffic and weather together, and many more segments in a fast-paced show!

I hope all the viewers to the Fusco-Moore Productions Blog will check out WCJM Radio, as we spent SO much time writing great skits and making great radio shows for the world to enjoy! Again, everything is FREE on WCJM and the shows are a great way to pass the time during those long work days.

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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