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Hello all, Jim here. Well, there are PLENTY of ways to keep up with the latest updates from Fusco-Moore Productions.

You can register for our podcast series, you can subscribe to the “Laptop Sessions” on YouTube, you can subscribe to the blog by e-mail or rss– plus many other ways.

But, here’s a neat way to keep up with my YouTube videos! Just paste this link into an RSS reader (for instance, your iGoogle, your Mac Mail program, Yahoo! mail and widgets, and others) and you’ll instantly be updated once a new video comes online.

Here’s the link:


It’s just one more way to keep in touch! Also, please register to comment on our Blog here, as we’d LOVE to see your comments and requests! Jeff and Chris will soon be starting their own versions of the “Laptop Sessions” with songs from Bob Dylan, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Wallflowers.

As for me, I know it’s been a couple days. I have a BIG post about my night on Friday that I can’t wait to write. Plus, I’ll be posting a NEW “Laptop Session” tomorrow, another one on Monday, and ANOTHER one on Tuesday!! That’s right, I have three ready to go, and Chris is helping me out on two of them!!

Just check the stats on YouTube and see all the nice comments people have left for me. A big shoutout to everyone over at Brian Wilson’s website and their message board for all of their encouragement!! Until tomorrow…


This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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