“Threshold” (Chris Moore) – Original Wednesday

By Chris Moore:

Hello and welcome to my first true Laptop Session in quite a while — since December, to be specific, when I covered the Goo Goo Dolls song “Laughing.”  Well, I’m back today with an original song from my new album, The 2010 Project, which was released just a couple weeks ago.  In fact, the day after my album hit the web for download, Mike Fusco (who mixed and produced it) and I went to see the Goo Goo Dolls.  This was our second time seeing them — and I won’t repeat what I wrote about them back in December — but suffice it to say that it was exciting going to see a band with so many anthemic songs, a group that can create such energy and drive the audience so masterfully.  And look like they’re having the time of their lives on stage.

We left the concert revved up: proud of the project we had just completed the day before and excited for new music to come.

So, now that a couple weeks have passed and I’ve had the opportunity to play The 2010 Project songs live again, thinking of them as whole songs to perform rather than in pieces (as I did during the recording sessions), I had the itch to return to the Laptop Sessions and debut those songs that haven’t been seen and heard here yet.

This is the second track on the album, “Threshold,” and one which stands out from the rest for the fast delivery during the verses and the statement of purpose in the chorus that could very well be the thesis statement for the entire album.  For this video, I (for obvious reasons) couldn’t include the guitar solo performed on the studio version, so I broke out my “E” harmonica and worked out a simple solo and added some flares to the beginning and end of the performance.  It clocks in at under three minutes, and is a good example of the type of music I’m making these days.

And, for those who have heard the demo version, this is a significantly improved arrangement!

I also recorded “You Will Thank Me” as well as the single from the album “It All Comes Around,” so check back for those videos in the coming weeks.

See you next session!


“I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)” (Bob Dylan electric cover) [Ep 2, Fall 2011]

By Federico Borluzzi:

A cover of Bob Dylan’s ”I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)” from his Another Side Of Bob Dylan LP (1964). Played with electric guitar and harmonica in the key of D.

[Editor’s Note: It is my great pleasure to add this electric cover song music video to the blog from our friend Federico.  It has been a great while since our previous season of Guest Sessions aired, but clearly Federico hasn’t slacked off in his devotion to the guitar, harmonica, or singing in the meantime.  This is, without a doubt, the best Dylan cover I’ve heard from him, and in all honesty, I’m downright jealous of his note-perfect performance.  So, without further ado, I leave you to watch his music video, and I doubt you’ll only watch it once.]

“It All Comes Around” (Chris Moore) – Original Wednesday

By Chris Moore:

At long last, here it is…

…an acoustic performance of the debut single from The 2010 Project!

The title of the album is a bit misleading, as it was only just released in July 2011, but the concept of the album is that of rebuilding and reassessing, venting anger and achieving forward motion.  For me, the year 2010 was a 365-day-long process of accepting that which I couldn’t change and grabbing hold of all that truly mattered.  This extended to all realms: personal, professional, music, reading, and more.

The 2010 Project represents the culmination of a year’s worth of ideas and conflicts and hopes, all wrapped up inside twelve songs (and a hidden track…), produced by someone who has believed in me and my music since my very first album, One Step Behind the Finish Line.  In fact, there’s an interesting cyclic feeling about the fact that Mike Fusco was the producer/mixer on One Step and has now produced my most recent album — the first for Em Eff Records — The 2010 Project.

“It All Comes Around,” like my previous video a couple weeks ago (“You Will Thank Me”), was written near the end of the sessions for the album.  In fact, I believe “It All Comes Around” was the final song I wrote, and I know it bumped not one but two songs off from the original track listing.  It was originally slotted lower, but got bumped up to track four and has taken lead role as the first single from the album.  Of course, I say “single,” but I’m not sure what that exactly means anymore.  I suppose what I mean is that this is the first song I would play someone from the album, and it is the one that works to my strengths — acoustic guitar and harmonica.

What I will say, also, is that this is perhaps the most difficult song on the album to perform live.  I think this is true because of the specific harmonica part and the rapid-fire lyrics.  In fact, listening back to this video now as I’m posting it, I realize that I can definitely play it better live now than even a few weeks ago.  By the time I perform it, hopefully later this year or early next year, I’ll have it down even better.

That’s the plan, at least.  🙂

So, without further ado, I give you “It All Comes Around,” and I remind you that, if you like it, you should visit www.ChrisMooreMusic.com and go to the Store link.  The album is currently streaming online for anyone to listen to, and of course, to buy if they like it enough…

See you next session!