“I Adore You” Mike Fusco Original Acoustic Song!

This tune I wrote two February’s ago while sitting on a bench in West Haven, CT (Savin Rock).  My favorite restaurant Jimmies is there, and I went between classes alone to just look at the water and see the sun shine out on it.  I wondered why just seeing the sea could make me think and feel so strongly of one person in particular, especially since I never went there with them (or anywhere, for that matter)… Yet love has a way of touching the entire outside world, and every subject is another shell that was never left unturned.

I remember the cool air, but occasional warm breeze- and girls from a high school track team jogging by as I stared at a blank spot on the bench in which I sat… which I found remarkable, because every square inch besides this one void was covered in “Tom love Erica” and “Joe-hearts-Sandy”, etc… And i was so excited that if I wanted to, I could join the immortal bench carvers, haha… and lo and behold?..

a tropical song was born… and it inspired me to buy my ocean blue Dean Key Largo acoustic/electric because it feels like Im holding that water in my hands…  hope you enjoy this interesting, complex song as much as my mother does when she hears me practice it!

Just a note… my favorite lines – “But who will save me?..When Im all alone, and my heart could choke…I got a tunnel of love, but my swan-boat’s broke….Maybe it just needs a song, a new piece of oak- to get me to you…And I dont know if it’s the cold or the fact I miss you so- that is makin’ my lips turn blue… But there’s still strength enough for I adore you”… =)

“Do You Have A Sister?” Mike Fusco original song!

So upon wandering around during my free time after school today, I looked into the harmless, blue sky and saw pigs flying.  I knew what must be done, and I immediately ran home and recorded TWO videos for fecies and chuckles to throw on YouTube, LaptopSessions, and my new site mikefusco.com that actually has a shot of seeing the light of day!  I’m so excited about it and it dawned on me that I must get more content of me on the web for your viewing pleasure and listening displeasure.  : )

So I’m starting off easy.  This is a new song from this past summer called “Do You Have A Sister?” and it sort of described my luck.  You go through a terrible relationship, you find (or long ago found) someone who’s perfect for you, and of course they have a boyfriend.  And of course he happens to be a close friend.  And of course he doesn’t care about her and complains all the time and of course it becomes a huge mess.  And it begs the question- “Fine..i get it… you’re taken…do you have a sister?”  Though I knew she did, this song has deeper meaning than its upbeat tune implies.  Here I have this guy friend telling me how I’m soooo lucky because I don’t have to try and one night at work I got three phone numbers and it made him so mad….meanwhile he’s “Stuck” with this perfect girl that deserved much better.  And it made me want to wake both of them up.  Her and I would hang out til 6 am in the summer and it was just…a nice escape back to innocence again after a terrible ending to a terrible period in life.

I know fate has a certain role in the world, but I believe it takes into account our ambition and relies on who we are to take us the rest of the way there.  So to “Pam”, or anyone else who’s not happy where they find themselves, there’s always still time.  Each day is a choice.

and for the love of God…somebody call my iPhone…i just got a new white 3G! =)  ciao all.

WCJM Mobile – Free Internet Radio – Launches for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Other Mobile Devices!

That’s right, folks- a big day is finally here for WCJM Free Internet Radio!

If you have a mobile device such as the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones, etc., then head on over to m.wcjm.com and visit the all-new WCJM Mobile!

WCJM Mobile is a port of the original WCJM free internet radio website that’s optimized for use on a mobile device.  Plus, all the free internet radio shows and hilarious comedy segments are in mp3 format so you can listen to them right on your mobile device!  No Flash or RealPlayer necessary!!

WCJM Mobile features over 30 quality radio shows and over hundreds of great comedy clips.  You’ll have weeks of entertainment that you can listen to over Wi-Fi or 3G service.  Best of all, the music file sizes have been compressed.  So, if you have a limited data plan, you can listen for HOURS each month!  For example, a standard 2-hour radio show only uses up about 20 mb of data.  That’s over 20 hours of programming over 3G service a month on AT&T’s lowest plan!  And of course, you can listen to all you want over Wi-Fi for free anytime, too.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new WCJM Mobile and hope this will finally bring this quality programming into everyone’s busy, mobile lives.  There’s nothing better than kicking back to work or relax with a hilarious, entertaining, and commercial-free radio show.

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“With our powers combined…”: WordPress and the iPhone!

By Chris Moore:

So, here I am at work taking a break to eat lunch and thinking about which song I will choose and record for my upcoming installment of Chris Moore Monday.

Instead of simply thinking about it, I figured I would try out this new app for the iPhone…

…which is pretty amazing!

The fact that I can sit here at work and type some thoughts into my phone that will instantly appear on the Laptop Sessions site is fabulous. That’s right – it’s a fabulous fact. It’s a shame that I don’t really have anything of substance to write about. Let’s leave it at this: I’m looking forward to recording my weekly video and writing a post, and it just kills me to think I’ll have to wait many more hours before I can focus on that particular task.

Well, that’s it for now. Come back tonight for a brand-new video and a much more interesting, lengthier post!