“I Adore You” Mike Fusco Original Acoustic Song!

This tune I wrote two February’s ago while sitting on a bench in West Haven, CT (Savin Rock).  My favorite restaurant Jimmies is there, and I went between classes alone to just look at the water and see the sun shine out on it.  I wondered why just seeing the sea could make me think and feel so strongly of one person in particular, especially since I never went there with them (or anywhere, for that matter)… Yet love has a way of touching the entire outside world, and every subject is another shell that was never left unturned.

I remember the cool air, but occasional warm breeze- and girls from a high school track team jogging by as I stared at a blank spot on the bench in which I sat… which I found remarkable, because every square inch besides this one void was covered in “Tom love Erica” and “Joe-hearts-Sandy”, etc… And i was so excited that if I wanted to, I could join the immortal bench carvers, haha… and lo and behold?..

a tropical song was born… and it inspired me to buy my ocean blue Dean Key Largo acoustic/electric because it feels like Im holding that water in my hands…  hope you enjoy this interesting, complex song as much as my mother does when she hears me practice it!

Just a note… my favorite lines – “But who will save me?..When Im all alone, and my heart could choke…I got a tunnel of love, but my swan-boat’s broke….Maybe it just needs a song, a new piece of oak- to get me to you…And I dont know if it’s the cold or the fact I miss you so- that is makin’ my lips turn blue… But there’s still strength enough for I adore you”… =)

“Last Night” (Traveling Wilburys Cover)

By Chris Moore:

I recorded this one “last night”!

Okay, too cheesy?

Seriously, this is a simple but fun one from the Traveling Wilburys. A little Tom Petty-esque lead and a special guest tribute to Roy Orbison…

“Do You Have A Sister?” Mike Fusco original song!

So upon wandering around during my free time after school today, I looked into the harmless, blue sky and saw pigs flying.  I knew what must be done, and I immediately ran home and recorded TWO videos for fecies and chuckles to throw on YouTube, LaptopSessions, and my new site mikefusco.com that actually has a shot of seeing the light of day!  I’m so excited about it and it dawned on me that I must get more content of me on the web for your viewing pleasure and listening displeasure.  : )

So I’m starting off easy.  This is a new song from this past summer called “Do You Have A Sister?” and it sort of described my luck.  You go through a terrible relationship, you find (or long ago found) someone who’s perfect for you, and of course they have a boyfriend.  And of course he happens to be a close friend.  And of course he doesn’t care about her and complains all the time and of course it becomes a huge mess.  And it begs the question- “Fine..i get it… you’re taken…do you have a sister?”  Though I knew she did, this song has deeper meaning than its upbeat tune implies.  Here I have this guy friend telling me how I’m soooo lucky because I don’t have to try and one night at work I got three phone numbers and it made him so mad….meanwhile he’s “Stuck” with this perfect girl that deserved much better.  And it made me want to wake both of them up.  Her and I would hang out til 6 am in the summer and it was just…a nice escape back to innocence again after a terrible ending to a terrible period in life.

I know fate has a certain role in the world, but I believe it takes into account our ambition and relies on who we are to take us the rest of the way there.  So to “Pam”, or anyone else who’s not happy where they find themselves, there’s always still time.  Each day is a choice.

and for the love of God…somebody call my iPhone…i just got a new white 3G! =)  ciao all.

“Wherever You Will Go” (The Calling Pop Cover)

By Mike Fusco

Hey all!  Well, it’s been such a big week for me and for news in my world, and I guess people cope in different ways.  Much like comfort food, there are certain songs and albums that act as “comfort music”, and take me back to a time or place.  My acoustic cover song selection for today is a song by “The Calling” that almost everyone knows (and usually likes).  I discovered it and the album (Camino Palmero) in high school, and it was one of the first I listened to when I first got my license.  That time of life and love and discovery and loss all seem to give me answers for things that happen modern day.  This is a song about believing in something and maybe knowing when to let go, and when to hold on.

Im just troubled by a lot of stuff in the news- new war in Georgia from Russia (without love, apparently)… Bernie Macs death, a kid in my town at my middle school who died in a fight, and the brutal destruction of Jim, Chris, and our friend Alberto in Monopoly this evening (in which I won!)  We did our home run derby radio show the other day, and that resulted in a major win for yours truly as well… What do you know!   I’m trading in some accumulated good karma, and I will buy myself a lottery ticket tomorrow (and if I win, I’ll be posting from my own mac laptop, instead of Jim’s like today!)

I really love this song and I hope my quick take on it is enjoyable, and reminds you that you only have to answer to one person every night- Your heart.  So you better live each day right so you don’t have any ‘splainin to do! (Luuuucy!)

Later all!