“Temptation Eyes” (The Grass Roots Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Tonight’s video blog entry is from yet another “new” band to the Laptop Sessions: The Grass Roots.

Chris and I have loved this song since my mini-obsession with it back in mid-high school.  For some reason, we equated someone I had a crush on to this song.  It was when I was first learning piano and learned how to play this song, which I was pretty impressed with.

I actually got to see the Grass Roots in concert a few years ago at the North Haven Fair here in CT.  Actually, I’ve seen a lot of great bands there, including America and Herman’s Hermits.  I always love getting to see a show there- you get to see some great acts and it’s just part of the general admission.  During my schooling years, the North Haven Fair was truly the only good thing about September.

This song, “Temptation Eyes”, is a bit “campy”, but I still love it and think it’s got a great tune.  It’s always a candidate for getting stuck in my head at a moment’s notice.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s Laptop Session here on the Fusco-Moore Productions music video blog.  We’re happy to have all of you new fans here to listen to us!  Also, if you have an iPhone (like Chris and I sport), you’ll be happy to know that all of our videos will play on it!  Before, there was no option to play videos from the Laptop Sessions page.  But now, it shows a still of the video and a play button over it.  Tap the play button and the YouTube player will come up, letting you watch the video.  Plus, if you add us to your iPhone web clip home screen, you’ll see our great new Laptop Sessions iPhone logo!

“Marie” (An Independent Rock Music Video)

By Jim Fusco:

Here’s my second entry for “Original Wednesday” here on the Laptop Sessions. By the way, did you notice we now have www.laptopsessions.com? Give it a look!

“Marie” has always been one of my favorite Chris Moore songs.

Every time we play this in concert (which has been MANY times), I always look forward to it. Of course, this version is without the dueling harmonica and guitar solos, but I think the song stands up on its own (the mantra of the Laptop Sessions).

Chris always thought of this song as an experiment for him because he had never really written a love song before quite like this. Truly, when he wrote it, he didn’t even have any real inspiration. But, Chris is a professional writer and this song shows that he didn’t need a real “Marie” to show he could feel this way.

In concert I’ve previously done a very slow version of this song. But for the Laptop Sessions version, I wanted to keep it true to the original- the one I heard in the background on Chris’ car CD player that really started it all. Once I heard this song, we started to think that a band might be possible. See http://jimfusco.com/albums.html for the rest of the story…

I hope you enjoy part 1 of my Original Wednesday installment.

“Christmas Morning” (Original Christmas Song by Jim Fusco)

By Jim Fusco:

The second half of my “Original Wednesday” kicks off the holiday season with an original Christmas song!

I wrote this song at least five or six years ago, probably more.

I could never play it right on the piano, so when I learned guitar, I switched the main instrument. I’ve always been proud of the repeating chorus at the end. You HAVE to hear the version I did with MoU bandmates Chris Moore, Mike Fusco, and Becky Daly on our album, “Our Christmas Gift To You”. You’ll love it- we all sing on the chorus at the end and it sounds great! Check it out at http://jimfusco.com

Anyway, I’ll be adding many more Christmas songs over the next few weeks, so if you have any holiday favorites, please drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll be glad to fulfill the request!

Christmas time is my favorite part of the year. This week of Thanksgiving is so exciting, and it seems like every day there’s something to do. For instance, tomorrow, I’m having “the guys” over late at night. Then it’s Thanksgiving. Then I’m waking up incredibly early to go Black Friday shopping with friends. Then my cousin Sarah is sleeping over at my condo on Saturday, ready to watch multiple Christmas/Jim Carrey movies. Then after that, I’m finally free to listen to all my favorite Christmas radio shows I’ve done with my best friends of all time on WCJM.com Free Internet Radio.

Well, enough of my Christmas rant- I’m just looking forward to everything!

“Overwhelming Question” (Chris Moore original; Lyrics adapted from T.S. Eliot) – Original Wednesday

By Chris Moore:

It may have only been two days since I posted my last session, but it’s been far too long since I’ve recorded a video for Original Wednesday!

I’m here to break that streak!

This is a song I began writing a long time ago to play with a couple colleagues from work.  I was inspired by my friend Larry’s “My Mistress’ Eyes,” a bluesy take on the Shakespearean sonnet.  My friend Dan had shared an excellent acoustic number of his own, an original called “Wasting Time.”  Thus, I set to work on translating T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” one of my favorite poems, to music.

The result is “Overwhelming Question.”

Of course, in what has become typical fashion for me, I wrote the first two verses, the chorus, and the middle, stopping short of finishing off the song with a third verse.  Then, I left the song stranded until I began playing regularly again.  This weekend, we pulled out all three of these songs and tried to scrape the rust off our performances.  It was a lot of fun, but I was a bit embarrassed that I had never just finished this one off.  So, Sunday morning I finally wrote the verse, effectively completing “Overwhelming Question.”

I clearly remember recording my first demo of this song with the birds chirping behind me for all three minutes of my video.  However, I don’t remember exactly when I wrote it.  I went back and watched the demo, but the date information is missing.

Wow!  I just remembered to check my Word file with the lyrics and chords, and the “Created” date is listed as July 25, 2008.  It’s quickly approaching two years old!  While I’m surprised that it’s that old, the date does make a lot of sense.  The last time I played regularly with these friends was the summer of 2008.

So, with that, I leave you to this week’s Original Wednesday music video.  I hope to post many more this summer as I work on some new music, and perhaps Mike will share some new material as well as he records his first long play album this summer!  (Don’t forget to check out his all new iPhone-ready site at MikeFusco.com.)

See you next session!