“Airplane” (The Beach Boys Cover)

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Guest Sessions here on the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs music video blog!  The Guest Sessions is a chance for our loyal viewers to try their hand at an acoustic cover song music video.  If we like it, we post it here on the music blog for all to see!

Tonight’s entry comes from Mustomix on YouTube.  He wrote to me a few months ago (sorry, I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake here) and sent me his channel of Beach Boys cover songs.  I’m very impressed with his selection of Beach Boys cover videos, but I’m most impressed with his incredible guitar selection!  He’s got some great stuff going on there!  I chose “Airplane” because it’s a unique song off of the Beach Boys “love it or hate it” 1977 album “Love You” and because he uses a great 12-string acoustic guitar, which is perfect for this song.  He does a great job playing it, as well.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s Guest Sessions entry and congrats to Mustomix for getting on the music blog!  Enjoy “Airplane” by the Beach Boys- a really cool tune!

“The Night Was So Young” (The Beach Boys Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Welcome to your Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! edition of the Laptop Sessions with me, Jim Fusco.

I promised a new Beach Boys video today, and even though it took me until 10:30 to do it, it’s finally here. Actually, this is one of the rare Sessions that was recorded the same day I’m posting it.

I’ve been practicing this song for weeks now, as I needed to make sure it was perfect before I did a video. “The Night Was So Young” is my favorite track off the Beach Boys “Love You” album and shows the great songwriting skills of Brian Wilson coupled with the singing of Carl Wilson.

I love the minimalist approach to the recorded version of this song- it’s great in contrast to the terribly-dated synth-sounds of most of the tracks. This song also doesn’t have that cheesiness factor that some of the others have. Although, this song does tell of Brian Wilson’s lonely trip to the sink to pour some milk at 3 am…

I hope you like this toned-down Session. We’re still chugging-along at one-a-day here in 2008. I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to my brother, Mike, who’s 22 today. Hope you had a great one!!

“Let Us Go On This Way” (Beach Boys Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Okay, tonight’s song goes out by request, as there’s been an outcry for songs from “Love You”, the Beach Boys album that’s lauded as one of Brian Wilson’s most personal efforts, especially after the “Pet Sounds” period. Next week’s Beach Boys song will be another from this album: “The Night Was So Young”.

This song, “Let Us Go On This Way”, is a rockin’ tune that starts off the album. Carl Wilson’s great vocals and crazy synthesizers are notable parts of the original.

This was a lot of fun to do acoustically, and I’ve always loved the message of this song. It’s unfortunate that the band really didn’t “go on that way” much longer after this album. Dennis died a few years later, and before that, they started becoming the “greatest hits band” they are today. At least Brian Wilson is still keeping the faith and making (great) new music now!

I hope you all enjoy this and I hope you’ll rate it!