“Go Back to Him” (Original song by Jim Fusco) – The Open Mic Sessions

By Jim Fusco:

Here we are for another edition of The Open Mic Sessions with Jim Fusco!  Today is a song that I performed at Sam Ash music store in New Haven, CT.  With the help of my good friend Dana Camp manning the video camera, I’m able to bring you this week’s video!

“Go Back to Him” is the opening track off of my 2009 album, “Halfway There”.  When writing songs for that album, I took an amazing trip to Italy with another longtime friend, Dr. Alberto Distefano.  While at his uncle’s house in Sicily, we sat down with my newly-purchased classical guitar (you know, the one from my early Laptop Sessions cover song music videos) and were inspired to write a couple songs.  One was “Ruins” (pretty obvious, since we had just spent a week in mainland Italy looking at all the history) and the other was “Go Back To Him”.

This song is pretty straightforward- we’re basically saying, in kind of a sarcastic tone, to someone: hey, you’re impossible to convince otherwise, so just go back to that jerk that treats you like dirt.  I’m not exactly sure where the sentiment came from, but I can remember one thing- I wanted this to sound like a Beatles song.  In the studio version, which you can hear at http://jimfusco.com/albums/halfway-there.html, you can hear a clear Beatles influence.  I thought it would be a great start to the album, and I hope you agree!

So, enjoy today’s Open Mic Session and stay tuned for many more as I continue to perform my original songs for the world!

New Web Series: The Open Mic Sessions with Jim Fusco!

By Jim Fusco:

Hello everyone- It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten to sit down and record more Laptop  Sessions cover song music videos for you.  I have a bunch of great ideas saved-up, but my focus lately has been more on my original music.  I have a newfound passion for guitar tone, so I’ve learned to rewire my collection of electric guitars and put new pickups in almost all of them.  I want to get as many great sounds as possible for the recording of my next batch of songs.

I also realized that I have more than 250 videos on YouTube- mostly cover songs from bands like the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Moody Blues, the Monkees, and many, many more.  Instead of increasing that number even more, I’ll be promoting all of my older videos to give them new life!

While I’m doing that, I’ll be driving around Connecticut playing at various Open Mic Nights.  I have my great Seagull acoustic-electric Entourage Rustic guitar, and I’ll even bring my electric guitars (and future small tube-amps) around with me.  My goal is to record videos of a different original song each time I go out.  I’ve already done a few.

Sure, the quality is so-so (iPhone video), the crowds are small and/or non-existent, and some of the videos are only part of the song (for instance, when my phone ran out of storage space on “Halfway There” a couple weeks ago).  But, I think these videos will be a valuable addition to the work I’ve done here for the Laptop Sessions music blog.  After all, we recorded all of these cover song videos in an attempt to make people curious about our original music, too.  So, now it’s finally time to implement phase two!

So, stay tuned in the coming weeks, as I’ll debut new videos as I record them.  I’ll put them on the music blog on Wednesdays, like our old “Original Wednesday” posts from back in the cover-song-heyday.  I hoe you enjoy the videos and will share them with your friends!

“Good Enough” (Original song by Jim Fusco) – The Open Mic Sessions

By Jim Fusco:

And now, another edition of The Open Mic Sessions with me, Jim Fusco!

Today is “Good Enough”, a rockin’ track from my 2012 album, “Those Around Us”.  The recording of this original song has some pretty tight harmonies on the bridge- I’ve always been proud of those.  Plus, I got to add in some clever electric piano to fill-out the sound.  Bet a lot of people didn’t even know there was an electric piano in there!  Though I’m sure my good buddy (and Laptop Sessions songwriter) Jeff Copperthite would notice- that’s kind of his thing. 🙂

I recorded this at Sam Ash music store in New Haven, CT in September, 2013.  There’s never many people at the store during open mic night (it’s just a nice place to get some practice in, really), but the staff really seemed to like this song.  It’s always fun paying attention to their reactions to see what songs they like.  I keep that in the back of my mind and use it to make setlists for other gigs in the future.

I came up with the line, “I’ve never been good enough to be your man, I’ve always been better than that,” and the song just kind of followed.  I like that idea- saying that you’re “good enough” for someone kind of says that your ONLY “good enough”.  I never wanted to feel like the things I’ve done are just “good enough”, though maybe in some of my older albums, I didn’t strive for total perfection.  At some point, you have to say, “Yes, this is good enough and I won’t really get it much better,” or you’ll never get anything done.  It’s been a life learning experience to balance “good enough” and “the best it can be”.

On that note, I’ll leave you with this performance of “Good Enough”, which, ironically, is not my best performance of the song.  But it’s a new take on this original song and I hope you enjoy it!  Stay tuned for more original music here on the Open Mic Sessions!

“When I Go” (Original song performed by Jim Fusco) – The Open Mic Sessions

By Jim Fusco:

Welcome to another edition of “The Open Mic Sessions” with Jim Fusco!  Today, I reach back into the archives for a song off of the EP “Meaningless: Echoes of Dreams”.  You see, back when these tracks were recorded, the idea was to take an entire week’s vacation from school and record an album.  Our idea was to basically lock ourselves in and to write and record the whole thing.  It’s still an idea I’d like to try someday, but back then, it just didn’t turn out that way.

First, I had a bad cold so I couldn’t really sing.  Second, my brother and I are, well, brothers.  You can’t lock us in a room for a week (figuratively speaking, that is) and expect good results.  So, after some fights and even less work getting done (mostly because of arguments over how each song should’ve sounded), we ended up with nothing more than a few backing tracks at the end of the week.  Oh yeah, and a vow to never work together again…which we ditched in 2006 when we started MoU.  And now we’re still in the throes of the newest vow never to work together again. 🙂  Time heals all wounds, but some wounds take a bit longer to heal!  I guess that’s why certain bands that have stayed together longer aren’t really friends- they work together and go their separate ways.  It’s tough to think of playing music that way because of how social it is.  But, there’s so much passion involved.  And the addition of one vocal part one band member doesn’t think should be there seems like a life-or-death decision.  I kind of liken it to a marriage, except it’s even more stressful because there’s someone messing with something you’ve created!

That’s a long-winded way of saying that, even though we didn’t accomplish too much, what we did accomplish was really good.  Those tunes are some of the most enduring ones I can remember writing and participating in.  “When I Go” is played by my brother and me every time we jam together.  It’s just this great tune that has a great beat.  What more could you want?  So, when I went to play an open mic performance at The Space in Hamden, CT, I wanted to bust-out this song.  I never got to perform it there while in MoU, so it was my chance to resurrect it.

I hope you enjoy the performance- everyone there certainly seemed to!  Stay tuned for more from The Open Mic Sessions, as my solo acoustic and electric performances of original songs continues here on the Laptop Sessions acoustic cover songs and original music video blog!