“Sweet Dream Baby” (Roy Oribison Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Welcome, welcome to another edition of the Laptop Sessions with me, Jim Fusco!

We’re all very excited here in Fusco-Moore Productions Land because of our upcoming Homerun Derby Show for WCJM Free Internet Radio this Friday.  I sincerely hope it pans out.  We should be able to get six of the seven original members of the cast to play!  Expect appearances by Jim Ross and Howard Cosell, too.

Today, I bring you another Roy Orbison tune called “Sweet Dream Baby”.  It’s a really easy song to play, so it might be a good choice if you’re just starting out on guitar.  The only problem is the guitar strumming beat, which is a little tricky.  The lyrics are simple, but again, how can you argue when it’s a good tune and was  a hit on top of it?   And yes, my version is devoid of the slightly out of place female background singers that are in the original.

I can’t believe I’m not putting a new artist on the Sessions today.  Actually, I won’t be putting a new one on for probably the next month, but who knows when the inspiration will strike.  Chris, Becky, and I did some collaborations the other day that you’re going to love, so I hope you’ll keep coming back to check us out!  Remember to use the “Share This” link at the top of every post to send these songs to your friends and loved ones- you are really our best hope for making the Laptop Sessions as popular as we all think it should be!  See you tomorrow with a great Chris Moore Acoustic Cover Song here on the greatest music and video blog in the world: The Laptop Sessions!

“You Got It” (Roy Orbison Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Well, who doesn’t know this song? 🙂

This is one of my favorite songs, and has been since it came out when I was just a little boy- slowly becoming a very “long” time ago. Also, “You Got It” stands as one of the great “comeback” songs of all time. Roy Orbison’s career really was over for many, many years due to some sad circumstances, and this song (which, by the way, I’m happy to say he wrote- with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne) brought him back into the limelight. Of course, he’s stay in that light with the success of the Traveling Wilburys right up until his unfortunate passing.

I wasn’t really planning on doing this song for one of my Laptop Sessions cover music videos, but I thought of it one night before a video recording session and decided to give it a whirl. My voice, for some reason, still hasn’t come back completely. I mean, it sounds exactly the same all the time, but at certain times when changing notes, I get a little Justin Hayward-esque “squeak”. I like it in Hayward’s voice, but I don’t like it in my voice, which I’ve always thought of as kinda pure and simple. So, it took a bit of adjusting to make sure my voice didn’t do that squeaky thing. It stinks because I don’t know why it started or how to make it go away. Any home remedies, anyone? I’d be glad to read them.

So, while you sit back and listen to this acoustic cover song from me, Jim Fusco, of this great late-eighties tune from Roy Orbison, I hope you’ll remember Roy’s legacy and that his voice never faltered, right up to the end.

I’ve been very excited about the Laptop Sessions as a whole these past couple of days and the cover video Session-a-day rolls on to the halfway-point in just a couple weeks!

“Congratulations” (The Traveling Wilburys cover)

By Jim Fusco: Well, it’s my day again already, huh? 🙂

Seems we’ve bee doing so much promotion between the friend requests, SEO work, and such that it really is getting harder and harder to keep on the “every third day” schedule. And now, we have a Members-Only section on the blog, which will have exclusive, not-on-YouTube, videos. So, that’s even more to do!

I’m hoping with the long weekend that I can record a bunch of Sessions and then focus on promoting what we already have for awhile.

Now, getting on to today’s Laptop Session:

“Congratulations” is a Traveling Wilburys song that my brother Mike and I would always kinda make fun of when we were younger. I mean, the album came out when I was four and my family loved it, so we always listened to it. Plus, when you’re a little kid, Bob Dylan’s incredibly raspy voice is pretty funny.

But, years later, after my 1000th listen, I began to realize that this really is a good song. I think the whole band contributed and the actual tune of the song (stripped of Dylan’s raspiness or not) is great.

The song is sad and emotional, which is probably why they chose Dylan to sing it in the first place, but I thought I would give it a more “pure” treatment.

This was done in one take, so you know I was dead-on. Jeff, Chris, and I are doing a lot more of that lately- partially because of time constraints, but partially because we’re just getting so good at doing this. My skills have been increasing steadily with my view count and subscriber numbers, which are nearing 200 now!

I will meet my goal of 55,000 views by the end of the month and now the only question is: how many more will I get? The Laptop Sessions site is poised for a BOOM in popularity, so stay tuned, as you may have already stumbled upon the Next Big Thing in music!