“Hello It’s Late” (Stone Temple Pilots Cover)

By Jeff:

Assistant Editor/Historian’s note: This post was originally posted in May 2009.  STP had reunited and has since been rebranded due to legal proceedings.  A lot has happened since this post – reunion, firing of Scott Weiland, and the original band being named “Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington”.

That’s right, back to our usual normally scheduled Thumpin’ Thursday schedule!  This time, I promise it’s a song that has not been covered.

I have been lining up more songs to cover since that debacle last week, but it’s not a huge deal, and Chris, Jim, and I all got quite a few laughs over it.  Well, I can only assume.

So I am going to return to one of my favorite bands of all time (as it is known), and not The Wallflowers.  It’s Stone Temple Pilots!  I can add this song to the long library of STP songs that have been covered on this site.

The song is from the album “Shangri La Dee Da”, or “The album we made before we broke up” called “Hello It’s Late”.  I have enjoyed this song because there’s a simple sublety to the guitar riff and the lyrics.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to figure out the meanings of songs easier when I play them.  I must detach myself from the meaning of the lyrics as I listen to a song.  But playing it forces me to follow the lyrics.  That being said, I still don’t know what the true meaning of this song is.  I suppose it could be googled, but i’m discouraged after trying to google what Peter Griffin was saying in the episode “PTV” when he was talking to his wife and getting airhorned every other word.

I had an absolutely wonderful day in school today.  I definitely lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.  Some of you know what i’m talking about.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the youtube users who have left me some really positive and encouraging comments over the past month.  It’s really awesome when I tend to get more positive comments than dumb troll comments.  The former seems to be on the upswing, and i’m very appreciative of that.  I can only hope my subscribers do find their way over here to read things like this about them.

Also, 120k views!  And this is my 139th session – 11 before the next landmark.

And…well, you know what my last line is.  It’s the same one from the past few posts.