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By Jim Fusco:

My new friend Dianne on Facebook asked me a while ago for the chords to my “classic” song, “That Was the Day” off of the “That’s All Jim” album.  I remember coming up with this song oh so long ago about my future wife, Becky.  Little did I know that we’d get married seven years later…

Anyway, I’m so happy to have a fan in Dianne and I finally get to post the chords and lyrics for all to see.  I hope you enjoy!  Don’t know how the song goes?  Check out my YouTube acoustic video below the chords.

That Was the Day
Written by Jim Fusco

Dm            Em            F            D            G            (All on barre chords)

G                                                        Dm7
I remember the day a great man told me
Am7            D            G
The perfect girl             did not exist.
G                                             Dm7
I said that if I should ever find her,
Am7       D                 G
I knew that I            would not resist.

Dm7            Am7                                  Dm7                      G
That was the day I             met you; that was the day you stole my heart.
Dm7            Am7                                  Dm7                         G
That was the day I            met you; you were the one right from the start.
Dm7            C                                        Dm7                         G
And that was the day I             met you; when I found out that you were true.
Dm7            Am7                                Dm7                  G
That was the day I             met you; then I knew what I should do.

Right up to that day, my heart was hurting,
I never knew you’d come around.
I almost gave up all of my searching,
Right before you turned around.


(Instrumental break- all on barre chords)
Dm            Em            6x
F            D
Dm            Em            8x
F            D            G


Dm            Em            6x
F            D            G

“Happy Tears” (Original Wednesday Song by Songwriter Jim Fusco)

By Jim Fusco:

Tonight, it’s another Original Wednesday for me, Jim Fusco, where I play an original song from my now vast collection of well over 150. I’m excited about tonight’s, as it’s been one of my favorites since I wrote it back in 2002 or 2003. The original recorded version of this song, which you can listen to by clicking HERE, is rich with about ten of my voices singing in harmony. I even made a surround-sound version of this song with a music video, available by clicking HERE.

Everybody tells me that this is most “Beach Boys” sounding song I’ve written. And to tell you the truth, as with all of my songs, I didn’t write it with a specific style in mind. I never sit down and go, “Okay, Jim, time to write a Beach Boys song.” But, even I’ll admit that this is a Beach Boys-sounding song, especially with that interesting strumming pattern. It’s tough to play that and sing with it at the same time, but I’ve been playing this song for so long that I don’t even think about it anymore. This video was Take 1.

I wrote this song after my then-girlfriend (and now fiancee) Becky said the phrase “Happy Tears” and I found it so interesting that I put those words to this great tune that popped into my head one day. I think we were going through a time in our relationship where you’re thinking, “Man, I do NOT want to mess this up.” There’s always going to be issues to iron-out, and when you finally do, it’s almost hard to believe that everything worked out. But, looking back five years ago, it almost seems obvious that it would all work out.

Enjoy tonight’s Laptop Session and come back tomorrow for another great acoustic cover song by Chris Moore. Jeff will be back for a special Independence Day Session on Friday- will it be a patriotic song? I hope not- they’re always so cheesy. But, that’s my opinion. See you then!

“The Red, White, and Blues” (original Jim Fusco song)

By Jim Fusco:

Welcome to the Laptop Sessions’ Original Wednesday. I’m guessing some people will be new to the Laptop Sessions because of this original song video, and we welcome you aboard!

This song, a pun on the “Red, White, and Blue”, is my first and only “protest” type of song.

The song was written in early 2002 after 9/11 about the hypocritical actions of Americans automatically becoming “patriotic” as soon as a disaster hit. This original song is just me wondering why people weren’t just ALWAYS patriotic!

This song is still as relevant today, six years later, as it was when I wrote it. I even talk about Easter in the song (it was that time of year), and I thought this would be the perfect week to bust it out again.

Basically, I’m giving the point of view of an 18 year old kid (at the time) from Connecticut because all the hardship and fear seemed so distant from my everyday life at the time.

To say this song is still relevant today shows how stagnant the country’s been lately.  We still are fighting a never-ending war on terror and the patriotism of the country is waning once again.

Oh, and the verse about California: it’s in reference to when they didn’t have the Red-Carpet festivities for a big award show that year. I didn’t think that was helping anyone. Letting the terrorists know we’re scared? That’ll really help…

“The Red, White, and Blues” is from my double-album set, “That’s All…” that I released in 2003.  I say “double album” in a different way than you would normally think of it.  For instance, the Beatles came out with a double album with their “White Album” (simply titled, “The Beatles”) in 1968.  That album consisted of over 20 original songs and couldn’t fit on just one vinyl record.  For “That’s All…”, it’s a bit different.  You see, I had just gotten a guitar- my first real acoustic guitar, an Ibanez Artcore.  I instantly wanted to play everything on the acoustic guitar and quickly went to playing folk songs.  I even came up with a bunch of my own.  I thought a blues song like “The Red, White, and Blues” would be a perfect way to start off an album of folk songs.

But, I also had a bunch of original songs that I’d written in my normal rock’n’roll style, too.  So, I decided to record everything at once and split up the whole project into two original albums: “That’s All Folks”, which featured all of the folk songs I’d written, and “That’s All Jim” that featured all of my songwriting efforts in my normal style.  I put both albums on one CD, but each album had it’s own cover.  Plus, the combo-pack of both albums called “That’s All…” had it’s unique album cover!

I hope you all enjoy this original song music video. If you want to hear the original recorded version and buy the double-album online, you can go to my website: http://jimfusco.com/albums/thats_all.html

“Looking To You” (Indie Music – by songwriter Jim Fusco)

By Jim Fusco:

Thanks again to Jeff for coming up with “Original Wednesday”, as I think it’s a great way to work some of our own material in here!

Today, I’m doing one of my songs from an album I made back in late 2003 called “That’s All…”. I couldn’t stop listening to this song (yes, I listen to my own music quite a bit- I think I should be making music I actually like listening to!) so I decided to make it my first non-Christmas original here on the Laptop Sessions.

I like the way the verse isn’t very “standard”. I don’t exactly know what prompted my creation of it, but it’s always stuck out as both unique and meaningful.

Problem is that I don’t really remember the meaning, either! Actually, I can take a pretty educated guess: Basically, the song says, “I gave you everything. You could’ve had anything. But when I ask for a little something in return, you tell me I’m greedy and hold it against me.”

I must’ve felt this way, as most people do in a relationship at one time or another. I think it made for great song material!

Well, as they say, a Laptop Session a day keeps the doctor away! They don’t? Well, anyway, here’s your daily dose of great music from Jim, Chris, and Jeff!