Jim Fusco Moves to Thursdays…

By Jim Fusco:

Hi folks- in a mid-season change, I’m moving my “Jim Fusco Tuesdays” over to Thursday.  The beginning of the week has become increasingly difficult for me.  Tuesday is my “work night” because my wife is at grad school and I’m left here to get stuff done.  If I start practicing for a video, record it, and write a post, before I know it, two hours have gone by.

So, this week, I’m making the official switch to Thursday nights here on the music blog.  Jeff has not posted a new music video for some time now, so he is now listed as “Various Days”, as he’s allowed to post on any night he chooses.

So, join me on Thumpin’ Thursday (that phrase is copyright Jeff Copperthite) and get ready for an all-new acoustic cover song music video!