“To Be Alone With You” (Bob Dylan Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

Just to prove that Chris isn’t the only one that listens to Bob Dylan, I give you one of my favorites of his, “To Be Alone With You” from “Nashville Skyline”.

I did this song originally on my “That’s All Folks” album, but couldn’t keep on the version I sold because of royalties.

I hope you enjoy my Laptop Session version! Coming up next week is my Original Wednesday, and I’ve already got my next two planned out. Make sure to check back every day!

“The Voice” (Moody Blues Cover)

By Jim Fusco:

And now, pinch-hitting for an under-the-weather Jeff, is Jim Fusco!  I’m sitting in to bring you yet another great acoustic cover song music video here on the best music blog around: The Laptop Sessions!  Tonight, I bring you one of my favorite songs from the Moody Blues, “The Voice”, from their #1 album, “Long Distance Voyager”.

Actually, this tune is climbing up my all-time favorites list as it has all the criteria for a song I would love: a catchy tune, faster paced, that glorious late 70’s, early 80s sound that’s not too overdone, and a great guitar solo.  Of course, I’ve stripped all of that out in my version here, except for the tune and the tempo, but I think it gives a different take on the song as a whole.  And that’s what you should expect from all of my cover songs- a different take on my favorite songs of all time.  And, if you like the same songs I like, you’re sure to love my original music, as well!  Visit my website at http://jimfusco.com and take a listen!

I actually recorded a full version of this song a few weeks ago, complete with synthesizers! I think it sounds just like the original and was a lot of fun to try recreating the sounds.  There’s something about that synthesizer sound that the Moody Blues used.  They hired Yes keyboardist Pat Moraz and updated their sound for the late 70s.  Of course, they didn’t have Mike Pinder’s mellotron anymore, so they had to have something to replace it.  I know the songs probably sound very “80s” to everyone now (“The Voice” is very heavily based on synthesizers), but to me, the music has worn pretty well.  There are some 80s songs that I can’t even listen to.  The synthesizers sound so fake and dated.  But, the music of the Moody Blues during the Pat Moraz years doesn’t sound embarrassing like those other songs from the same time period (like the synths the Beach Boys used on “Love You”).

But, again, my acoustic cover song versions take away the synthesizers (and everything else, for that matter) and give you the song in its raw form.  I want people to know what the song really sounds like.  It’s interesting, though- you’ll actually hear all of the other parts in your head as you listen to my cover video.

By the way- if you haven’t heard “Long Distance Voyager” yet, please get a copy!  It’s an amazing album and features some of my favorite songs of all time in “The Voice” and “Gemini Dream”.  Plus, there are great contributions from drummer Graeme Edge (“22,000 Days”) and Ray Thomas (“Veteran Cosmic Rocker”).

Okay, look for a new cover song music video from Jeff tomorrow and again on “Original Wednesday”, as no matter the circumstance- you’re getting a Session a Day in ’08!

What’s happening (or, “Why I Haven’t Been Posting Much New Music Lately”)

By Jim Fusco:

Hi folks! I’ve been pretty down lately about my computer. As I mentioned earlier, my hard drive just died out of nowhere and I’m left with a bare computer that I’m kind of avoiding right now. I haven’t put all the software back on, plus I can’t get the files off of my old hard drive. It’s SOOO frustrating. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. Chris and I put up all of the Christmas decorations in the house a couple days ago. We’re hoping to get the tree tomorrow (but since I’m still awake at almost 4 am and we have a party to go to at noon…), and that will complete our decorating. The place looks GREAT! We took video, and I’ll be posting it HOPEFULLY tomorrow with some Christmas music in the background.
  2. I had the day alone today. I spent it working on something (see point #3), but I was also hoping to start working on the MoU Holiday Party 2006 DVD, since I found the master tapes just today. Problem is that I don’t have my video editing program, so I can’t even start putting the tapes into the computer yet! 🙁
  3. Today, I spent most of the day cooking for myself and working on a cover of one of my favorite songs of all time: the Moody Blues’ “The Voice”. I’ve always loved that song, and I just finished making a completely produced version of it, complete with synthesizers. I can’t believe how great it sounds and I’ll hopefully be mixing it tomorrow and putting it online as a FREE download at the Fusco-Moore Store!
  4. New Laptop Sessions will be coming soon. I just have been so upset about losing all the sessions I had done just before it crashed, I haven’t really gotten up the gaul to just do them again. I hope I get my stuff back…
  5. We’re planning the Fusco-Moore Christmas Party (search in the side bar to the right for the old post with the info.) and we hope it’ll be a success. Let us know (by leaving a comment) if you can make it!

I hope everyone’s having a great Christmastime and I promise we’ll be back to 100% soon! ~Jim