Last episode of Boston Legal? A few words…

By Chris Moore:

How sad is it that there are no more new Boston Legal episodes to look forward to?  No more soulful grunts in the opening music?  No more balcony scenes with Denny and Alan?  No more high profile, current events-based court drama?  No more paintball gun violence by Denny?  No more pops and clicks by Jerry?  No more attempts by Alan and Denny to win Shirley’s love?

And no more Katie Lloyd??

I really don’t have much to say on the topic, other than the fact that Jim and I have been avid fans of Boston Legal since day one.  As recently as this year, we celebrated the season premiere by buying pretzel sticks that resembled cigars and eating/”smoking” them along with Alan and Denny in the closing balcony scene of the episode.  Now, I suppose I can see this as an opportunity to get more work done or go to bed an hour earlier on Mondays, but it’s just not worth it.  Boston Legal has truly been a great way to jumpstart the week for me.  It may sound silly, but I look foward to being able to sit down with Jim (and sometimes Becky) and enjoy this show — one of our mutual favorites on television.

So, I couldn’t just let it pass without some sort of a blog post.

And, as if this wasn’t obvious, I have more than a little hatred — rational, or otherwise — burning in my soul for the ABC network right now.  What better way to release it?

Thank you, Boston Legal — it’s been a great run.  What I will miss most is the characters (I even grew to like Carl Sack!) and the ridiculous situations they got themselves into.  Truly, there is not a show on television with Boston Legal‘s combination of serious issues and humor, and I’ll greatly miss it.

Yay for TV on DVD!