“Teaching For What?” – New book by Michael Fusco

Available for sale now on Fountain Blue Publishing is “Teaching For What?” by Michael Fusco.  It’s the story of a long teaching career in public schools and the toll that career took on this man’s life.  From such hopeful beginnings in the profession, it’s sad to see the progression of events that lead him into depression and early retirement.  The politics, egos, and unknown workings of the teaching profession in public schools are revealed in this frank and sometimes scathing memoir.  Teachers, students, and parents will all gain a greater understanding of the widely misunderstood teaching profession- let’s just say that big “vacation” they get over the summer isn’t just for time off- it’s to keep from going insane!

You can order the book now on Amazon by clicking HERE! The book is available in both print and electronic versions.

You can also order the paperback or Nook version from Barnes and Noble by clicking HERE!

Finally, check-out the book’s official website from Fountain Blue Publishing by clicking HERE!

Teaching for What? by Michael Fusco

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