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By Jim Fusco:

My new friend Dianne on Facebook asked me a while ago for the chords to my “classic” song, “That Was the Day” off of the “That’s All Jim” album.  I remember coming up with this song oh so long ago about my future wife, Becky.  Little did I know that we’d get married seven years later…

Anyway, I’m so happy to have a fan in Dianne and I finally get to post the chords and lyrics for all to see.  I hope you enjoy!  Don’t know how the song goes?  Check out my YouTube acoustic video below the chords.

That Was the Day
Written by Jim Fusco

Dm            Em            F            D            G            (All on barre chords)

G                                                        Dm7
I remember the day a great man told me
Am7            D            G
The perfect girl             did not exist.
G                                             Dm7
I said that if I should ever find her,
Am7       D                 G
I knew that I            would not resist.

Dm7            Am7                                  Dm7                      G
That was the day I             met you; that was the day you stole my heart.
Dm7            Am7                                  Dm7                         G
That was the day I            met you; you were the one right from the start.
Dm7            C                                        Dm7                         G
And that was the day I             met you; when I found out that you were true.
Dm7            Am7                                Dm7                  G
That was the day I             met you; then I knew what I should do.

Right up to that day, my heart was hurting,
I never knew you’d come around.
I almost gave up all of my searching,
Right before you turned around.


(Instrumental break- all on barre chords)
Dm            Em            6x
F            D
Dm            Em            8x
F            D            G


Dm            Em            6x
F            D            G

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