The Best “Should’ve Been the Single”’s of 2010

By Chris Moore:

Sometimes the song chosen as the single to represent a given album is a dead-on decision.  Other times, as is often the case with bands signed to major labels, the single is not necessarily chosen on merit, but rather on its potential to have the widest appeal.  That sort of watered down mentality may be rewarded with broader radio play, or with very little play on a number of stations.  Sometimes the risk pays off.

However, particularly with the bands represented below, I shook my head at the decision when there were other, better songs on the album.  Number one, far and away, would have to be BnL’s “Four Seconds,” their best quasi-rap since 2000’s “Pinch Me.”  Quirky, catchy, cool: the seemingly obvious choice.  I did understand that perhaps “You Run Away” was chosen as a relevant topic, considering Steven Page’s split from the band.  However, that does not explain the decision to follow up with “Every Subway Car,” a solid track but not necessarily a standout, as the second single.

These are the Weekend Review’s picks for the top five “Should’ve Been the Single”‘s of the year.  Enjoy, share your own in the comments area below, and don’t forget to check back tomorrow — and every day for the rest of the year — for another list!


1)  “Four Seconds” – Barenaked Ladies (All in Good Time)

2)  “Cinnamon” – STP

3)  “Half Crazy” – Jukebox the Ghost

4)  “One More Minute” – Locksley

5)  “Where’s My Sex?” – Weezer

Honorable Mention:  “Uncharted” – Sara Bareilles

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