“The Girl I Knew Somewhere” (Monkees Cover)

This video was recorded a few weeks ago in my big Monkees phase, which was brought on by getting the deluxe edition of the Monkees album “Headquarters”.  While the album as a whole isn’t perfect (there are more than a couple throwaway tracks), there are some great band-written songs, especially those by Mike Nesmith.  Actually, this song is sung by drummer Mickey Dolenz, which I think is the right choice. One of the bonus tracks on the CD is the original sung by Nesmith, but it’s in a lower key and is nowhere near as upbeat. My second-favorite song of all time in “You Just May Be The One” is on this album.

I couldn’t get “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” out of my head.  I’ve known the song for so many years, but never knew how to play it.  So, I started by teaching myself that deceptively simple riff and then the whole song took off from there.

Tomorrow will truly be a day of mourning after Jeff’s imminent crushing Homerun Derby defeat at the hands of the future 3-time (in a row) champion, Jim Fusco.  I plan on doubling Jeff’s total…from all three prior games combined.

For now, enjoy this edition of the Laptop Sessions and this great Monkees acoustic cover song.  I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for the next long-awaited Chris Moore cover song.  Maybe Chris will do Patsy Cline’s “I’m Sorry” to console Jeff…

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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