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“Masters of the Internet”

By Jesse J. Stanley

Record-Journal Staff
Meriden – Local band Masters of the Universe is branching out into another universe lately – the Internet – with an interesting concept they’ve named Laptop Sessions.

Chris Moore, 23, of Meriden; Jim Fusco, 24, of Meriden; Jeff Copperthite, 27, of Fairfield; and Mike Fusco, 22, of Wallingford have been making music together for two years. This venture onto the web is something none of them have seen anyone else do to such a level.

“It’s a mix between hobby and fun,” said Chris Moore, band member. “It is a melding between our original music and covers everyone knows.”

“The concept is pretty simple. Each member of the band will record and post a cover song onto the site once every day. Their goal is to post one song per day for the entire year.

“We’re not going to miss a day, God help us,” said Jim Fusco, band member. “We made a commitment to ourselves more than anything.”

“There have been a few close calls, though,” Fusco said. “Every time we get a little frustrated, we say, ‘whose idea was this?”

Usually after that, the band shoots Moore a few dirty looks; but they have managed not to miss a post.

The exposure that Laptop Sessions has brought it has been very positive for the band.

“In total, we have more than 500 subscribers between us,” Fusco said. “They get updates every time we post something.”

The band members’ sessions have resulted in thousands of YouTube views every day, more traffic to their Web site, and an interest in their original music, as well.

“We like to think that if they like the music we like, that they’ll also like the kind of music we play on our own, too,” Fusco said.

“We’ve noticed that people are also commenting on our original works we are posting, too,” Moore said. “It is always a huge joy to hear a person comment on a song I’ve written.”

One piece of recognition was a big deal to Fusco.

“Brian Wilson, of the Beach Boys, has a permanent link on his official Web site to my cover of one of his songs,” Fusco said. “For me that was huge.”

They’ve also been coming up on Internet searches more frequently.

“I did a search the other day for a cover song and we came up as the first link in that search,” Fusco said. “It is exciting to see all this work come to fruition.”

It is also a way to practice their skills as musicians.

“We have grown as musicians as a result,” Moore said. “It is good for honing my skill.”

“We used to only play originals, but Laptop Sessions has given us more than 100 new songs we can play,” Fusco said.

With posting a new cover every day for an entire year, one might think the band might run out of material to cover.

“There’s no end in sight,” Fusco said. “My iTunes collection has more than 11,000 songs in it; we are huge music fans and there are a lot of choices.”

Already they have covered music from more than 50 bands.

All of this work they do from the comfort of their own home – or at least, the comfort of Fusco’s own home – with a recording studio in Fusco’s basement in Meriden.

“We have a recording studio set up with all the trappings of an amateur professional studio,” Moore said. “What we really love doing is making music.”

They are hoping to help other local musicians have a recording space in the future.

Masters of the Universe has played at the main stage of the Webster and locally at George’s II and Testa’s. You can tune in every day for a new update at

“People can go there every day and see something new,” Fusco said.

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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