“The Last Time” (Rolling Stones Cover)

By Chris Moore:

Well, this just seems like deja vu too soon.  Even though I just posted a video on Tuesday, I’m back with not only another all-new acoustic cover song, but also to bring an all-new band to the Laptop Sessions!  And, by all-new, I guess I mean old…  That’s right: for once, Jim’s not the only person to dig out a classic from the sixties!

This is my first cover of a Rolling Stones song, “The Last Time.”  Today being Yom Kippur, I didn’t have to go to school, so I decided to sleep late, but record my cover video early.  As Jim mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had a late meeting on Tuesday, so I went back to my Dylan reserves.  Thus, I felt it was about time to bring in a new band.  So, I gathered all the necessary items from my room — my Rolling Stones greatest hits CD, my laptop, my iPod, a pick, and of course my acoustic guitar.  I sat downstairs and flipped through my iPod selections, reading along on the greatest hits CD.  Even though this is an early song, my iPod was on shuffle, so it took me about fifteen tracks before I got to “The Last Time.”  I immediately felt that this was the Stones song for me — simple, but catchy and right in my vocal range.  After all, I don’t want to embarrass myself on my first Stones video… I’ll save that for a later session!

And I learned a lot about this song that I didn’t know before.  I’ve always liked it, but I didn’t realize that it was the first single co-written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to reach #1 in England.  It was only a little less successful in America, reaching #9.  Reading through Wikipedia’s post about the song, I was interested to learn that the guitar riff (a Brian Jones contribution) running through the song was one of the earliest example of a song with a perpetually repeating riff.  Also, some say that the song is based on the traditional gospel song “This May Be The Last Time,” recorded in 1955 by the Staple Singers.

My recording of the song was easy to learn and fun to play.  I didn’t realize it at first, but following Jim’s mention of the three-chord song, I realized that this is also a three-chord song.  For any of you out there learning the guitar, this would be a great one to try — it’s written by the legendary Rolling Stones, it was a top ten hit in both the USA and Britain, and you need only know the chords E, D, and A!!

Now, if I understand correctly, I won’t be back until Monday to bring you another new song.  That will be Columbus Day, which is ironically another day that I will be off from school.  Maybe that’s a sign that I owe you loyal viewers and readers of the greatest acoustic cover song and original music blog on the web another all-new band.

Don’t be left wondering…  Hurry back to find out!

And you shouldn’t wait until Monday.  After all, you have two in a row to look forward to from Jeff Copperthite, and you can kick off your week with Jim Fusco’s Sunday cover song music video…

See you next session!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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