The Moody Blues Concert, Video Blog Updates, & a BIG Announcement!!

By Jim Fusco:

Ladies and gentlemen… I have a HUGE announcement for you!!

But, you’ll have to listen to the Fusco-Moore Productions Podcast to find out what it is!! But, I can say this- there’s definitely something in it for YOU if you listen in!

How, you ask? Well, click HERE to visit the Fusco-Moore Podcast’s feed, and click HERE to open it up in iTunes (if you have iTunes installed on a Mac or a PC- it’s free!!).

Let’s get those numbers growing!!

Okay, now for some other news:

Obviously, I’m as thrilled as Jeff about our growing popularity on YouTube (my version of The Laptop Sessions is got 1,000 views in only 11 days…the FIRST 11 days!!), and Jeff’s and Chris’ numbers are also growing fast. I can’t wait to see where this all goes… Please, please, please tell your friends and relatives to subscribe to all of our podcasts and YouTube feeds. Why? Because these things are “viral”, and believe it or not, that’s not a bad thing. In this case, “viral” means that if places like YouTube, Google, and Yahoo! see that we’re gaining popularity, they’ll consider it more important. And when they consider it more important, it goes in front of the eyes of MANY more people. And, it just snowballs from there!

That’s why you see some videos go from a few hundred views to over a MILLION views in just a few days! So, it’s flu season…and let’s all get viral.

Another great way you (yes, YOU!) can help to promote us is by going on message boards (not the Brian Wilson one, though- we’ve already made some great connections there) for the bands we do covers of. For instance, Jeff did a Wallflowers song. So, find a Wallflowers fansite, join their message board or forum, and tell them about us! Put links! Get in conversations! You may go on to promote, but in the end, you’ll find some great new friends. I never had the intention of advertising on the Brian Wilson site- they’re just great people that saw my love of his music and loved it, too.

Speaking of music I love, Chris and I went to see the Moody Blues in concert at Foxwoods a couple weeks ago. What a show!! Of course, I’ve seen them plenty of times, but Chris has only just become a HUGE Moodies fan, so this was a special treat. We had a great night. Chris won a bit on the slots (of course) and I played for an hour and 20 minutes, only losing ten bucks!! And, everyone knows that on a Friday night, that’s a BIG win.

The Moody Blues are not in the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. These guys had 3 number one albums (the Beach Boys with…one) and had PLENTY of hit songs including “Go Now”, “Nights in White Satin”, and “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere”. It pains me, especially because they’ve been around for 40 years now, are still touring, and each one of them is one of the BEST at their instrument. And, as you’ll see with many of the bands I like, each member of the band writes his own songs. Some albums actually have an equal number of songs from ALL FIVE MEMBERS! Plus, they’re all great.

Moody Blues Concert 1

Here are some illegal photos I snuck while at the concert. It was a blast, as usual, and the dinner at Hard Rock Cafe was a great cap to the week. It’s been really crazy at work and with things in life now. I’m so happy I have things like the concert and the great response I’ve gotten to the Laptop Sessions to come home to. I’m happy to be sleep-deprived and overworked to make these things possible.

Moody Blues Concert 2

Well, this is one hefty post- I hope you’ll go on and subscribe to the podcast to hear my big announcement!! Talk to you soon,


This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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