“The One I Love” (REM Cover)

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By Jeff:

LS Historian: I recorded this song in July of 2009, knowing that fatherhood was coming in roughly 5 months. I enjoyed this one because it was easy to sing over (repeated lyrics are a favorite of mine for that reason :D). A nice throwback to 5 years ago.

Welcome to Thumpin’ Thursday!  I bring you another song from another band that has been covered before.

REM is tonight’s band and the song is “The One I Love”.  It is from their album “Documents”.  The song is a good one, but i’ve always found it to be a bit repetative.  Oddly enough, the allure of REM’s music is doing things like this.  Michael Stipe has always constructed interesting lyrics and they are always open for interpretation.

Sorry for the late night post.  I was planning on this it this afternoon, but it was a good beach day.  The A/C has been on in the house for over a week, and today we finally got to be outside and not feel like it’s 150% humid.  It’s all good though.

Enjoy tonight’s cover!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

2 thoughts on ““The One I Love” (REM Cover)

  1. What a great choice, Jeff — I can’t believe we haven’t recorded this one yet! I especially loved your finger picking in the intro; it’s spot on! I tried doing it myself (thus the addition of the chords just for good measure) but couldn’t quite get it. You’ll have to show me next time we see each other. Oh, just one question — I don’t have many of their early albums, but isn’t the title “Document” (singular)? Sorry; that’s the English teacher in me coming out…

  2. Awesome return to the site, Jeff! I didn’t know this song by the title, but it remembered it as soon as you started singing. Goes to show that a song doesn’t need to be overly complicated for it go be great. You did a great job with this one- I’m blown away watching all the effort we put into these videos. I hope you’ll keep gracing us with more archived videos as I begin to record new ones for the blog.


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