The Songwriters Behind the Laptop Sessions Cover Series

By Chris Moore:

A logical question to ask when first coming across the Laptop Sessions series is, what influenced these three young songwriters to spend countless hours recording cover songs to offer up as free music videos for anyone to see and enjoy? The answer is simple – new music, old music, the three indie musicians on the Fusco-Moore Productions label are continually learning new songs to play for fun and to inspire them as they continue to write their own.

1) Indie Music Background

Jim Fusco, Chris Moore, and Jeff Copperthite have been performing independent music for years, both on their own as well as with each other and other songwriters. They have played rock music and acoustic music at many popular venues across Connecticut, from the intimate setting of the Space in Hamden to the full professional setup of the Webster Theater main stage. Their talents and experience extend far beyond live music. From their origins when they used their home recording studio to more recently when FMP Studios had its grand opening, they have released almost 20 albums between them!

2) The Best Cover Songs!

Cover songs were first included on Jim’s album, That’s All Folks, from 2003 and later as part of Jeff Copperthite’s first new music for years, released on Greenlight in 2008. At the end of 2007, acoustic cover songs became the key focus of the Fusco-Moore team. In order to encourage people to listen to new music from their website, they created and quickly put their variety of personal styles to good use creating acoustic music videos. Posting them for free as “Laptop Sessions,” a new daily video blog was born!

So, what distinguishes these covers from the run-of-the-mill or worse videos to be found on YouTube? The answer is practice, experience, and more practice! Jim, Chris, and Jeff are constantly playing the music they love at home, in the studio, or even just singing along to new music in the car. These indie music artists have committed themselves to perfecting their videos before they post them. Jim has even released tutorials on how to write a song and how to record a song.

One of the greatest parts of the Laptop Sessions series is all the great bands we cover on a daily basis. For instance, we have bands from the Beatles, to Bob Dylan, to Billy Joel as examples of our classic artists. But, we also have newer bands like cover songs from Coldplay, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson. Click HERE to visit our sitemap and choose your favorite band now- we’re sure to have a great cover song that you’ll love.

3) Who Created the “Laptop Session-A-Day” Initiative?

It was Chris’ idea to record a music video blog session each day for the year 2008. Being a leap year, this adds up to 366 videos by the end of December. Some days, it is exciting to be recording so many quality free videos. On busier days, Jim and Jeff glare in his general direction as they record their videos and post them before midnight. But, regardless of whatever else may be going on in their lives, they post their sessions. Without fail, there will be a new free music video of an acoustic cover song at every day in 2008!

Now you know the story, so Click HERE to visit the Laptop Sessions homepage and watch our latest videos!

And Click HERE if you want to browse our categories of bands and videos.

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