“Three Ways” (Wallflowers Cover)

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By Chris Moore:

For those wondering how long it’s been since I last recorded a bona fide “Laptop Session,” please refer to my YouTube page, and check the length of my hair.

(This has long been one of my favorite aspects of the LS blog, as I can skim through the stills of my cover song music videos posted over the span of months and years and watch my hair grow out, out, out, then get cut, and continue to grow…  Well, you get the idea.)

That being said, I decided several months ago that I would only post a cover song again when the time felt right.  I’ve been keeping quite active reviewing albums for the Weekend Review and “Yes, No, or Maybe So” segments that are regularly published here at the site.  However, I haven’t recorded an official cover song session since April 11th.

It’s now July 6th.

I spent the morning and afternoon this past Saturday driving around the state with a dear friend, windows down with selections from our favorite albums blasting at full volume.  All the time, we were singing along and pointing out our favorite sections and solos, etc. in the various songs.  Of course, the first album we chose was one with the following line:  “I feel fine with the sun in my eyes, the wind in my hair…”

I’m referring to my pick for number one album of the decade and my personal favorite: the Wallflowers’ Red Letter Days.

This is one of those records that incessantly hits you with great songs, track after track.  After the rock/pop/alternative rock attack of the first four tracks, the fifth track slows down a notch, but is equally as catchy as the songs that have come before.  I’m referring to “Three Ways,” a beautiful little song that I’m featuring here this morning on the blog.

When I heard it again in my friend Mike’s car, I spent part of the duration thinking how much I would like to learn it on acoustic guitar.  And that feeling didn’t dissipate days later.  Thus, I took a break from reading Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass yesterday to figure out the chords to “Three Ways.”  I found chords online, but not surprisingly, they were significantly flawed.  This cemented my desire to complete a full session, posting chords and lyrics for others to access that are accurate to the song. For the chords, I spent quite a while playing to the song and experimenting with different options until I pieced together the core components of the song.  As for the lyrics, I went to the CD booklet — one of the reasons I love having physical copies of my music — and copied them from there.  (In fact, if you enjoy this song at all, I would strongly encourage you to check out this album, either as a download from iTunes or some other service, but PREFERABLY as a physical CD.  I’m telling you: this is not only one of the best albums of all time, but it has excellent packaging as well!)

After a few takes, I recorded one that I was happy with, which is the one you’ll see tonight.  So, without further ado, I’ll leave you to the actual recording.  Enjoy…

See you next session!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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