WCJM Free Internet Radio Station: “The Comedy Show” – 2000

By WCJM Free Internet Radio:

What is the most comedy in a Moore Hits in the Morning Broadcast?  The Comedy Show, done on August 27th, has to take that honor.  That day the cast, short Alberto (no pun intended) and Dave, assembled at the Fusco household to do their first radio show since April.  Jim had been gone all summer at acing school, and when he came back, he found that Alberto had soccer practice, and Dave was on vacation!  But, as they say, “the show must go on,” and the original cast of Chris, Jim, and Mike, added Matt Griffiths, a writer for the show that wrote almost half the material for the Comedy Show, and Cody Scholnick, who has made appearances in a couple of shows already.

But it wouldn’t be a Moore 94.2 broadcast if Jim Fusco didn’t produce it.  So, after hours on end of typing up and organizing material, he ended up with an 11 page script!  (Not to mention the three page spreadsheet of the timing for the show)  But, as fate had it, the script was somehow erased from Jim’s computer!  Devastated, Jim was ready to give up.  But Chris had 5 pages of the script, and Matt resent his material by e-mail, and after another grueling day of work, Jim got back his precious script.  Now, all that was needed were the personalities that made this free Internet radio show work.

Cody, who was very apprehensive about talking too much on the air (the perfect replacement for Alberto) does not appear in much of the show.  But Matt Griffiths exceeded all expectations.  His hilarious promos, skits, and impressions made him an invaluable part of the show.  Another guest, who was present only on pre-recorded clips, was Jeff Copperthite, who made an appearance on the Homerun Derby Challenge.  Jeff did Ron Popeil on the Ronco promos, and wrote some great material in his “Jeff’s tips of the Day” clips.  Of course, Dr. K had to make an appearance, so he had a whole ten minutes for his great comedy routine on he fourth side.  Chris hosted the show, and for someone who doesn’t laugh a lot, he actually got a kick out of the show!

But there were recording problems too.  Dr. K’s segment ran long, and the show wouldn’t fit on the two designated 60 minute tapes!  So, the show now exists on three separate tapes!  But Jim Fusco spent another whole day transferring the show to two CDs, making it the first Moore Hits in the Morning program on CD!  But the quality is only tape quality, so the next show was actually the first CD QUALITY show of Moore Hits in the Morning.  But this show is a classic one, showing everyone that listens to the show that the cast of the morning show is the funniest free Internet radio show EVER!

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