WCJM Free Internet Radio Station: “The Rock & Roll Christmas Show” – 2000

By WCJM Free Internet Radio:

Dave Perrelli decided to join the cast because he heard and liked the Everything is Christmas Show.  So it was no surprise that Dave was very insistent on doing another Christmas Show.  Luckily, Jim and Mike had enough music to do another show, and thus the Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas was made.

The free Internet radio show was done on very short notice because of different scheduling conflicts, and after school on Wednesday, November 22, 2000 the show was done.  The cast was picked up from a half day of school by Jeff Copperthite, one of the writers for the show (also playing Ron Popeil).  They went to eat at Subway and came back to Jim’s house to do the show.

This show contained many of the more personal touches that the World Series Show lacked.  Even though Chris didn’t talk as much as he wanted to on the air (I say, “Tough!”), there was more than just great music.  There was a skit with Dr. K, a story by Jeff and a story by Chris, and Jeff’s tips of the day.  And everyone’s favorite bear came back to join us on Christmas show as Stuffy D. Bear made the whole cast crack-up again.  There was also a new song that was never heard before made by Jim Fusco himself.

But of course, there were problems.  The show was originally made to fit on one 74 minute MiniDisc.  Unfortunately, Traffic, News, and Weather ran very long and the show did not fit in the allotted time.  So, Jim Fusco decided, with help from the rest of the cast, to put the show on another MiniDisc.  This let the show breathe a little more, and allowed for Jeff and Chris’ stories.  This free Internet radio show is a timeless classic that will be played for every Christmas to come!

This is one in a series of acoustic cover songs, original music, and free mp3 downloads here on the Laptop Sessions Music Video Blog.

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