What I Like About Cover Songs

By Becky Daly:

With the Laptop Sessions music video blog gaining in popularity, I thought this would be a prime opportunity to write about my experiences with Fusco-Moore Productions as a performer and a fan! I had performed with Jim and Chris for a couple of years before MoU (Masters of the Universe) formed. In the early stages of these bands, we primarily played original music by Jim, Chris, and Mike. As MoU got larger venues and longer “gigs,” our repertoire lengthened to include a long list of cover songs in addition to our original music.

Although MoU no longer performs together, Jim, Chris, and Jeff have taken their original music and cover song repertoire to the internet for our enjoyment! They now play Beatles songs, Coldplay songs, Elvis Presley songs, and many others.

As a member of MoU, I became familiar with many of the songs that are now posted on the Laptop Sessions video blog. Since the Laptop Sessions post new music videos every day, I can sing along to an old favorite or enjoy an acoustic cover song that I may not know. Although the Laptop Sessions features an “Original Wednesday,” which is personally my favorite day to watch, it is clear that Fusco-Moore Productions is not only about promoting their own independent music. These songwriters provide entertainment through free music videos, original and cover songs, video blogs, music reviews, “How To” videos, and other informative articles about musicians, bands, and more! Any subscribers to this video blog can see that these guys are true music fans!

The Laptop Sessions consist primarily of acoustic guitar music videos, but I hope to see more instruments used in future sessions to spice it up! I know Jim has talked about doing more songs on piano/keyboard, and I’d love to see more collaborations between the members on both original and cover songs! Although I can’t predict what will come next from Fusco-Moore Productions and the Laptop Sessions, I know I can expect them to post one free music video a day for the rest of the year!

Now you know there’s lots to love, so Click HERE to visit the Laptop Sessions homepage and watch our latest videos!

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